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    About Officer Osh: Understudies

    Officer Osh: Minecraft Roleplay

    Officer Osh is a YouTube series on my channel, Oshowatt7. It revolves around Oliver "Osh" Watts, who moves back to his hometown with his investigative partner, Maddie. They work as police officers at the BelleCrest Police Department which features many colorful personalities. Sasha, a member of Osh's old team in Bayside is an explosives expert and skilled in hand to hand combat. Phillip, another former team member who joins them in BelleCrest is also there, working through his relationship problems with Sasha and his romance with wanted spy, Vanessa. In BelleCrest Osh reunites with a childhood friend, Abrielle or Elle who has finally graduated the police academy. Upon the chief of police's brutal murder Osh takes lead over the BCPD, working with new faces such as Casper, a forensic scientist and Jen, another one of his detectives. Kate, a DGSI agent who led a former covert ops team is also in play and she often aids them in cases and helps out on undercover cases. Officer Osh is a serious, exciting series that is still light-hearted and fun and tackles a new series topic in the Minecraft Genre. 

    > Stars of the show include, Primary868, Maddie10146, GlitchyDust4, EmilyAndJAiJAi, Kawaifle, PotatoGoddess and SilentAssissin, Frozencat3030, MK Star Stryker, MojoCraft 360, and many more as of now. 

    ~ In order to be involved with this project you must have a skype account, Minecraft PC, a Minecraft account, the ability to change your Minecraft skin in game, and be kind, and friendly to everyone else in the project. Be respectful!

    * Please Note: If you are selected you will be a body actor in game and a voice actor as well. If there is a time I need lines from you they will usually be due a week from when I let you know. *

    Do not audition if you are going to go inactive and not reply back! You will need to check skype regularly for messages and announcements! Very important! 

    This casting call is to be an understudy for main characters and also for playing other characters that have not been announced. If you are chosen you will play many different characters throughout the show! 

    Male voice actors are especially important! 

    About the Creator: oshowatt7

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold