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Latin Fire Va's Previously Completed Works

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    About NotAnotherDigimonAbridged

    Hello all!

    LTYNFYRE here with an important announcement:

    Not Another Digimon Abridged will be launching soon and we are in need of a few additional roles which have not yet been filled. Unfortunately the cast was so great in number, we didn't account for everyone involved. (Oops, our mistake.)

    So what we are asking for are some additional auditions. If you would like to try out, please reply here, or send us a message through our YouTube, a Direct Message through our Twitter or Gmail accounts (links will be posted at the bottom).

    Deadline for Auditions will be November 13, which was our original scheduled release date, but we are now planning for a December 1st release date to accommodate our issues. 


    • Looking for two female and two male characters minimum. A fifth slot is available to anyone who wishes to participate. 

      [Lines & Character Descriptions will be posted at the bottom]

    • A decent mic quality is a must. No pops, background noise, hissing, humming...etc. Emote!

    • Please only audition if you can commit to multiple episodes (as we may need you for flashback episodes and would like to keep consistency).

    • Please let me know if you have a Skype so I can give you pointers of vocal direction. (Not a must, but it would be nice to know)

    • Warning: the series contains course language and possible adult references. Therefore, please inform me if you cannot do this.

    • I will not be sending scripts unless you have been chosen as an additional main cast member. Again, this is to keep the flow running smoothly and to send scripts to those who are committing to said roles.



    Thanks all,


    Edit (Dec 4, 2015):

    We have decided to EXTEND the auditions until January first. So far only two roles have been casted and the rest are still up for grabs. We will be updating the casting list for each episode on my LTYNFYRE, so you will get many opportunities to land a role.

    Good Luck Everyone!

    About the Creator: LatinFireVA


    Welcome to the page of LatinFireVA. I am a voice actress with over 3 years of experience in doing unique and delightful voices, from the loving doting mother to the girl next door, to even more "adult" voices if the situation calls for it. My tone can be describes as mid-range to low-range with an affinity for "out of control" characters such as villains and even the traditional mad scientist. 

    Since then I have lent my voice to many parodies, comic dubs, and various YouTube animation and original artwork videos.

    If you are looking for any of the following accents or dialects, please be sure to check out my website or the list below.

    You can view my resume at http://latinfireproductions.com

    Contacting me is best done through Twitter or through email.
    So thanks for having me on board!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold