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About No Fear Shakespeare - Romeo and Juliet: Mercutio

IMPORTANT: This is an emergency casting call, so lines will be asked for very quickly after casting. Sorry for the rush.

Romeo and Juliet is a famous play written by William Shakespeare, and No Fear Shakespeare is a service created by Sparknotes, to make the dialogue in his plays more like modern English. This is an audio-book that will be uploaded to YouTube based off that adaptation.
It will be overall approximately 2 hours (As long as the actual play), and will be split up into multiple parts, probably 1 episode per scene, although some scenes will be merged, as they may be too short. 

I will try to upload 1 episode each fortnight once the project starts, but that's a very tentative time frame, and will also be dependant on the Voice Actor's schedules. 

What you Should Have:

Romeo and Juliet is reliant on heavy emotion and the very strong way dialogue is told and how the characters are presented to the audience, and you should try to carry that through your audition. Say each line multiple time in each audition so I can get a feel of your emotional range.

A Decent Mike
It doesn't need to be amazing or anything, but I would really like it to be mostly clear and not have too much static or peaks.

Just makes it easier to communicate and give lines.

The ability to take criticism
I'm not going to be extremely negative or whatever, but if you get chosen, I'll have a certain way some lines are said, and I'll just let you know if I want you to just change how you're saying certain lines.

Be ready to monologue
Almost every character has long spiels of dialogue, so be prepared to talk for a long time, and depending on the situation, I will ask for it unedited. Be prepared!

This will be a project with possibly weeks of waiting between needing to record, so please do not leave or stop responding in the middle of the project, just when I need you to do some thing.

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold