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About New World Adventures (more extras required)

The project itself can be found here: castingcall.club/projects/new-world-adventures

So far, everything has been running much smoother than expected, and now I want even more extras! These lines are all background characters, and none of them were written into the book. The audience will still hear you as clearly as they would a main character, but you've got a lot more freedom to deviate from the script than the other characters.

This is not an audition, this is a submission. That is, I'm not listening to see if I want to work with you or not, I'm listening to hear if I want your submission in my final product exactly the way it is or not. No additional work is required once you have won the submission. (So don't be confused if I ask you to resubmit with a minor difference. That's only weird if I do it in an audition.)

Successful actors will be mailed a free copy of the paperback that the full work is based on.

Don't worry about mic quality today. I'll be putting a two-way radio filter on all lines, so you'll sound like you used a cheap mic no matter what your real mic was.

I don't care about accent. You are all bouncers in an American nightclub, so pretty much any accent fits. You're more likely to be cast if your accent is different from everyone else's, but it's really emotion that determines live or die today. Do you sound like you're actually there, responding to a real event, or do you sound like you're reading?

Ideally, I'd like to cast one female and everyone else male. (I used to be a bouncer. That's pretty much the gender ratio of any club's security.) I don't really care which role gets the female, however.

Finally, don't fall into the trap of wanting to "sound like a bouncer". It's not the voice I want, it's the emotion. I also want realism, and I know from experience that most bouncers don't "sound like bouncers". They're just normal people who need the money.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold