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Nika Sanyuu's Previously Completed Works

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    New to VOICE ACTING, in a stump for finding projects to work on, returning back to VA after a long time, or do you just want to start anew? Then let's help each other by forming a group :)



    Sample Videos I created - so you can gauge the quality I can offer
    I grew up on the editing side of youtube so I can assure you that our videos will be decent. I'm also thinking of making an opening/intro for every video we upload :) Just to introduce us as a team. Like THIS funimation logo/intro (depends on what we all talk about as a team)


    Basically, I can fanart you if you want :)) Don't have a character to represent you yet? I gotcha! Just give me 2-3 days ('cause I have a part time job and I'm also a lazy bum so...) I'll attach the different art styles I've done to give you an idea of what I can do


    Y'know, watch your videos, help get word out when you have projects/new uploads :D I love helping out fellow voice actors!

    I'm not exactly NEW to voice acting, but you I am starting from square one again 'cause it's only now that I'm actually putting in effort to train as a voice actor. Thing is, I'm finding it hard to find people to grow with 'cause they all have their respective teams already (since they've been in this industry for a long time) I kinda just want fellow VAs to dub with, consult with, grow with. It's a pretty big community, having a solid group would really help :)


    As versatile as voice actors are, there are times when you really need to seek other voices. I'll always be willing to do collabs/dubs with you :) It'll be easier to contact me if we're a team at hand :D


    Scriptwriting? Channel ideas? You name it! The more minds the better? I'm taking up communication arts so we've studied a whole lot about media and idea making as well so I hope I can help :)


    I'm real good at scouting people, so I can get some veterans on the scene from youtube to hold workshops for us once in a while. We could even incorporate mini competitions within the team (for fun and to try and catch more audience attention) Pm me if you want more info on that

    🚩6-8 members - kinda wanna start small first to see how this goes
    🚩 Equal number of girls & boys on board (nothing against sexual orientation!! I meant how you sound like :) )
    🚩New voice actors, voice actors having a hard time finding projects to work on, etc.
    🚩Preferably not part of other voice acting teams yet, but anyone's welcome as long as you can be dedicated :)

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold