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Sunwukong's Previously Completed Works

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    This is a one shot unless we get a pretty decent following. I love this series and just wanted to make an episode from it. If you are passionate about gundam series as well I hope you audition.

    rules are (and I mean this)

    1. Good microphone and good recording quality. (no clicks, ticks, booms, background noise)

    2. Ennunciate  your words, do not mumble , do not whisper. we need to hear you and know that you can be these characters.

    3. have fun with it. number one reason for this project is for us to have fun and have fully flushed characters. so scream, shout , be silly , anything to help you loosen up and get into character. 

    4. please be on time if you are cast. nothing is worse than when everyone has their lines in and one person isn't getting them in, either you want to be in the project or you don't. 


    About the Creator: sunwukong

    My name is Nicholas Eriksen. I've been a stage actor since 2001 and a voice over actor since 2012.  To learn more about me go to nicholaseriksen.wixsite.com/actor where you can find my resume, demo reels, and photos of my soundbooth.

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