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    About Need a Tsubasa Hanekawa for a short Fandub(Bakemonogatari/Nisemonogatari)


    Hey guys! I plan to do a short fandub(about 1 minute long) of a Nisemonogatari scene AKA the "Breast Ticket" scene, the video above is a snippet of it but i plan on doing a slightly extended version which has abit of dialogue before the video starts( because youtube doesn't have the whole scene) If you specifically want to know exactly the whole scene/timestamp: it's Nisemonogatari Episode 5 (12:25-13:23). I have already wrote a script which should almost match the lip flaps of the scene. ALSO THIS SCENE IS A LITTLE PERVY SO IF YOU CAN'T HANDLE THAT PLS MOVE ONE FORWARD HEHE(There's no physical contact but the dialogue is a little risque for younguns)

    I'll only be needing a Hanekawa Tsubasa since I'll be playing the roll of Koyomi Araragi(sorry guys next time)


    • Decent/Good Microphone quality - little to no noise/reverb(echo) no headphone mics pls!

    • Must know how to emote/act( I mean like i don't want ya to be all monotone lol)

    • Must have at least any one of these three: Skype, Twitter, Email so we can commmunicate/send lines

    • Can send mp3/wave(preferably)

    • Also can handle Deadlines. once you get the role I will give you about 2 weeks to record lines(of course I understand if something pops up in real life we can talk about it and extend the time but I would prefer someone that can record in a timely manner)

    • Sound like the character, I'm not asking you to sound exactly like Yui Horie I just want a voice that generally fits haha

     Familiar with the series(optional but it helps)

    I might have to also direct you via text and maybe in a call if you want hehe(though mostly not the case) and there might be a time where i might ask you to re-record if i feel that it can be better (if that's the case then I'll extend deadlines  and also I'll be helping you out.)


    I will provide instructions and everything once you get the role and one more thing...

    This is my first Casting Call here and this might be sounding like I'm asking for alot but please don't feel intimidated or that this project sounds stresssfull, I want this to be a fun project and I'm pretty chill when it come to stuff like deadlines and I'll do my best to help you out, :) 

    About the Creator: bdoi

    Copied straight from my youtube channel:

    just call me Bdoi [bee-doy] or David. guy .I'm just an Amateur Voice Actor and Singer who likes to, what else? Voice act and sing. .I'm trying to learn and practice to be a better voice actor and singer(crap singer) and maybe make a career out of it. So Thanks for visiting my channel! I also like to make parodies :) If you want to collab with me just hit me up and we'll talk and see whuts up(contact me through email or twitter pls). In conclusion = I Make Weeb Shit

    Constructive Criticism is welcomed I want to hear outside feedback so i can improve along the way :)

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold