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About Narrator Needed ASAP

Due to my actor never getting back to me, I am in need of a new narrator for my Dark Knight Audio Drama.

IMPORTANT: This is the last role I need finished, so if casted you will be expected to send lines in within a week or two and there is quite a large amount of dialogue.  Be prepared for that before you audition.

Summary: When shy and self-conscious Daniella "Dani" Molina speaks to Bruce Wayne on the night of a party he's hosting, she never expected the chain of events that would follow.

After her professor recommends her for a job at Wayne Enterprises, Dani quickly becomes one of the best employees and Bruce talks to her frequently for reasons she doesn't fully understand.

While on a business dinner, she sees Bruce and feels jealous about his model dates which makes her realize that she has feelings for him.  Bruce feels the same way and ends up asking her on a date.

The two end up becoming a couple, but Dani is later forced to break off the relationship because of her insecurities.

It is then that the Joker decides to come out of hiding and kidnaps Dani in order to get to Batman since her status is sure to bring him to her.

He shows Dani to the world with his video camera, and Bruce panics at the sight of the woman he has feelings for in such an awful situation.

After a failed escape attempt, the Joker cuts her on her face and arm as punishment.  In order to get Batman faster, the Joker brings in the Scarecrow who begins dosing her with fear gas.

Near breaking point, Batman finally comes for Dani, but he is unable to rescue her before Scarecrow doses her with such a huge dose that she will be killed in minutes.

Batman manages to successfully give her the antidote and brings her back to the Manor.  Dani ends up going through trauma over the next couple of months, terrified that the Joker and Scarecrow are going to come back for her.

When Bruce comforts her, she finally kisses him and comes to terms with what happened to her.

But the Joker isn't finished with his business and comes back to finish what he started.  Bruce, angry for hurting the woman he loves, goes after him.

Will Bruce keep his rule, or will this be the final straw?

Link to story: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10898477/1/Beneath-the-Masks

About the Creator: aspiringsinger15

I am a very avid voice actor looking for any and all kinds of roles. I will not do anything containing overly sexual material, period.  Sensual stuff is fine, but if gets full-on sexual, I'm going to have to pass.

I'm pretty available and am good at making deadlines.  My voice is medium when talking normally and medium-high when I'm yelling, but I can make it higher or lower to fit a role if I need to.

I'm willing to do pretty much anything, but I prefer working with people who are more serious and organized with their projects.  That means I don't want to be working with a script that has multiple grammatical errors, no set deadlines for actors, or no organization overall.

I believe that actors should always take unpaid work as seriously as paid work because you never know when that unpaid project will lead to a paid one.  As a director, I have worked with at least 60 actors by now both through here and other sites and could tell you which ones I would recommend to a professional if I ever had the chance.

I use this site more to find voice actors for my projects than audition for things, so don't let my recent public activity tell you anything.  I'm a lot more active on here than it will show!

As for my directing side of things, all of my projects I have ever posted on here have been completed with the exception of a couple due to extenuating circumstances or lack of auditions.  I go to great lengths to make sure my projects are finished because it wouldn't be fair to the actors who were committed to it to not ever get to see a finished product.  I've even worked on projects when I was in the hospital (because really, what else is there to do?)

So rest assured, if you audition for one of my projects, it will be completed in time.

You can contact me through here or at my email: aspiringsinger15 (at) gmail.com

Happy voice acting!


Youtube Channel featuring 21 completed audio dramas I have directed and edited: Fanfiction Audio Dramas
*The number is constantly changing so that's why it's not on the 'Previous Works' part of my profile*

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