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    About Myth Adventures ( An Audio Drama About Mythology, Gods And Saving Time From The Apocalypse)

    Note: unless merch is sold you will not be compensated. This is a public domain story payment will not be given for this project. We won't be casting right away rather you will get a dm and an opportunity for an interview on skype.

    Hello, wonderful people of places! My names' Adam and I'm the creator of a company titled Braincake Productions. Braincake Productions is currently creating an royalty free audio drama titled Myth Adventures heavily based around nostalgia factors and shows of the past decade.  The story is about 4 kids and 2 allies who stumble upon an ancient artifact that allows them to go into myths and temporarily become the heroes of those stories.  

    The kids are given gifts by the gods and sent on journeys to save the world from its doom and fate.  Essentially these kids are meant to prevent the end of time itself. The show has a racially diverse cast of characters, and we would prefer people of color in the roles when cast, however, this is an audio drama and we have no way of verifying your race so just mention in the comments with your resume if you are a person of color when auditioning for a role. We're accepting actors of all races for all parts however we do have a preference for actors of color playing characters of color.

    The show is the first stepping stone in building Braincake's expanded public domain universe so we won't be holding auditions for the gods just yet. We have 2 sets of stories revolving around mythologies coming soon, with a major player being Norse but as of the moments, such has yet to be identified publically. 

    We ask when auditioning for a role you mention in the comments your resume and make sure to include any fandubs you have been cast in.  If you've worked with Braincake Productions before even if you had differences with myself Adam or the company you still have an open invitation to apply for a role.

    We are really aiming for marginalized people playing the marginalized characters here, however, we also understand we have no way to verify this information and no way beyond and an ounce of hope to ensure that this is even possible. Everybody is welcome to audition however the casting will be decided by myself and 3 others.

    We are also looking for crew for this show. This includes 2 other writers, 4 editors, 2 extras and anybody with a special interest in mythology will be included behind the scenes granted you can make a good case and prove you're knowledgeable about your chosen source. In all seriousness, we are looking for beta readers or rather listeners to proofread scripts who are really into certain mythologies and have a special interest in the matter.  If you've actually got a degree and teach it amazing but if not and you're just a fan that's just as good here. Oh also one more thing we need 2 extra history proofreaders. And that's that. I hope you understand this is a long-term project and a very important one for the sake of Braincake's work so please consider and weigh all the options before auditioning. 

    Lastly, there will be no talent release forms or contracts since this work is within the public domain but we will need you to write down proof that you're consenting to your voice being out there in this manner.  No one under 13 is allowed at the auditions. We ask you not lie about your age. If you're under 18 you will need to provide proof of a parents permission that they are okay with you being cast in this production.  This is not a paying project and actors cast to play the gods will require talent release formsThank you for your time, effort, and patience sincerely Adam Cohen/Snowflake. 

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold