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Pumpkin's Previously Completed Works

    Info for 101

    Learn to power up like a Super Saiyan

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    About Mystic Messenger [Full Game DUB] {Zen's Route}

    Did you receive mysterious messages?

    Welcome aboard to Mystic Messenger: The Non-Official English Dub.

    *Spoilers in the desc. of characters, so be aware before auditioning!

    Sacrificing sleep for that 3AM chat can only take you so far. We are an amateur dubbing group with an ambition to make things easier for the other MCs, who might not have the same time as others to get through a whole route 100%.

    This will be an episodic series on YouTube with about two chatrooms per video. (The length will depend on how long each chatroom is as well as calls and VN's.)

    My goal is to at least achieve the Good Ending for all available characters. (Yes, that means even V!) I would love to also do the Bad Endings / Bad relationship endings, but that will only be possible if time permits and I have a solid plan of how that'll turn out in the end. I wouldn't want to bore the audience with repetitive chatrooms. (DLCs are also on my mind, but not top priority either. Maybe as a fun side project!)

    We will also follow the recommended route of Zen > Yoosung > Jahee > Jumin > Seven. For each of these routes, we will have a new MC take part! Just to give the MCs variety and make it more personal.

    *I (pumpkin) will be voicing the first MC for Zen's route.

    * Co-director (Ember) will be voicing the last MC for Seven's route.

    We will hold a different casting call for the other characters in later routes! These are simply the characters who are in Zen's story (or in the common story, such as V, Unknown, etc)!

    Deadline is subject to change!

    1. 1. Be prepared to commit for the long-run. This will be a long-standing project, and I would hope for the actors/actresses to stick with me throughout it. 
    2. 2. Deadlines are to be met! I understand that life sometimes hits us with a curve ball, so just let me know about missing a deadline, and we can work out an extension. However, if this becomes a frequent thing (without an excuse) / the extensions are being abused, I will not hesitate to find an understudy and/or replace you.
      3. A means of contact / credit. Preferably, I would like all actors / actresses have a Discord to keep in touch and get to know who you're working with! 
    3. As for credit, it could be a YouTube, Twitter, Instagram — whatever works for you!
    4. 4. Please be respectful and kind to the other actors / actresses. I will not tolerate bullying or any kind of disrespect towards anyone, including myself and my co-director!
    Rules for Auditioning
    1. 1. Decent microphone. We should be able to hear your wonderful voices, so excessive static, too much background noise or something that's too muffled / hard to hear, won't be considered.
    2. 2. I trust you all to know about emoting when a line requires it, so don't hold back! Some lines can get pretty intense! 
    3. 3. No introductions please! Just start with the audition lines.
    4. 4. Multiple takes are allowed! Light editing is allowed!

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold