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Momochii Cosplay's Previously Completed Works

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    About “My List” to You! (By Aqours) EN Chorus 【Love Live! Sunshine】

    Thank you to everyon who supported and joined me for the Jingle Bells Ga Tomaranai EN Chorus. For late February, I chose for us to do a “My List” to You! EN Chorus, causing the auditions to be now!

    If you’d like to read some of my tips from the JBGT Chorus audiotions, read it [here|]!

    With that said, let’s get started of how the auditions will go, since there are no EN lyrics, I will be creating them myself. The auditions will consist of a WIP of these lyrics, as it’s something I’m still working on. Furthermore, these auditions will be separated between two groups:


    higher range of singers


    lower range of singers

    Each group will have the same lines to sing, but a different harmony. If you don’t know what range fits you, sing both and find what’s more comfortable for you. 

    Parts of the Auditions

    The first part of auditions will consist of the very beginning of the song with sopranos singing the melody and altos singing the lower harmony. (Note: all files needed to sing will be recorded for you to sing along in one big file) 

    The second part will be of the first chorus with a WIP of the English lyrics. These are not final, meaning that they will not be set in stone and may have changed when the final script comes. Sopranos and Altos will be switching between melody and harmony.


    Why be the same,

     Say my first name, 

    no need to bother with all those formalities

    Let's walk in hand, 

    No care or plan, 

    not minding what everybody else thinks

    The third and final part is the the background vocals that occur during the second verse section. Just like the first part, sopranos are melody and altos are the lower harmony Once you recorded all three parts, you’re good to go!

    Important Notes

    1) Auditions will be the same as the Jingle Bells Ga Tomaranai Chorus I produced this month. You aren’t necessarily auditioning for a character, but you can leave a suggestion of who you want.

    2) There will be no exceptions for the audition. This means that you cannot send anything different than what group you put yourself in. If you’re auditioning for alto’s, do not put a soprano part in there; vice versa. 

    3) Since my last chorus was wanted a certain date I was very lenient on letting people join even though the auditions went put in on time or at all. Since this chorus is not wanted by certain holiday, I won’t be as lenient as before. Please turn your auditions on in time 🙏🏻

    With that said, this is something dear to me since I said I’d only do it if the JBGT chorus was a success, which it was. Thank you, again, for all that supported us! I absolutely love this song and truly believe it needs a deserving cover. I can’t wait to hear everyone’s auditions and I wish you all a happy New Years! Here’s a recap of what you need for your auditions and all other important info:


    ①Audio file posted through Google Drive (make sure link sharing is on)

    〜[Soprano Audition|]

    〜[Alto Audition|]

    [CI](Note: I recorded this while getting ready for the airport so I’m sorry if it’s bad ;w;)

    ②Preferred character

    And remember:

    Audition will end January 12th!

    Our goal is to have it posted late February! 

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold