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Max Woods's Previously Completed Works

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About Affinity Music

This is going to be a FREE production to help produce and write my original songs and also write originals we come up with as a team. No Payment Until Fanbase has been started/patreon is up and running. This will be for fun until money starts coming in. NO ONE UNDER 13. 13+

Promo Videos will be on anyone's YouTube channel that is in the project (I have to approve the video) but you can also tell people about our project and share the casting call on your social medias, however, there are some limits to how much you can share about the project and progress. I will share that on the Discord.



Music Composer (Main & Secondary)

Audio Engineer (Main & Secondary)

Song/Promo Video Writers (Main & Secondary)

Brand Creator/Project Art (Main & Secondary)


Manger of Social Media



Discord Admins/Mods/Improvement Leaders - EVEN IF THE ROLE IS CLOSED, YOU CAN STILL SIGN UP TO BE ONE

Promotional/Other Video Vocals



Promo Writers

Video Editor



A Little About My Style

I write with a lot of emotion put into my songs. Most are about lost love but I have a couple that are pure anger and sadness, one that I just heard a rock melody and so I wrote something. These songs are full of emotion, raw and untouched in the form of writing. I had a writing spike just before I went to bed May 18th, so I just came up with around 4 or 5 new songs. And I wrote a rap song??? That's new! 


I'd like to write new songs every month or so and produce them in 2-3 months. I don't have any schedule really planned out, per say, but that's kinda what I would like. 


If this gets big, production goes smoothly and everything turns out good, and people want to join together as a group, I'm totally down for that. 


Writers: Poetry or songs you've written would be fine for this

Music Composers: A YouTube channel/Soundcloud or other forms of song websites that you've made songs or instrumentals on would be good

Artist: DeviantArt preferred but you can list a Google Doc

Manager of Social Media: List other projects you've managed & why I should let you be able to manage these accounts (NOTE: If you change passwords, emails, etc on these accounts you will be KICKED OFF THE PROJECT and off the discord)

Director: What projects have you managed before? This is also basically to keep us on track for month by month check ups.

Back Up Vocals: Do what it says down there lol

Discord Admins/Mods/Improvement Leaders: Keep the discord in check and if need be, then add rules and such. This will probably also be a fan base for this project too so be nice to our fans! If they do something bad or wrong that doesn't go with server policies, then warnings will be gived. I will elaborate more on Discord. You'd also be helping to set the Discord up, bot commands, roles, rules, etc. Fill this out and if it doesn't work them DM me:

Promo Video Vocals: Do what it says XD

Animator: Show some animations of yours. These will probably be animatics instead of full animations unless we get a lot of people for it but expect it to look like a real music video. I don't really mind which style you use, in fact, I'd like all sorts of styles to be used for each one!

Promo Writers: A short script or story will do

Video Editor: A YouTube video you've edited or something of that sort


The discord is still being made so please be patient as I'm not the best programmer and kinda get absentminded. The photos used are just quotes in my folder on my laptop. Sorry that this is so long!


Discord Link: (If it doesn't work, tell me) This is the link to the server. If you join, please tell me what you auditioned for or if you're just a fan who wants to hang out with people/hear the test music sometimes, etc.

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold