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    About Murder Party

    Thank you everyone for signing up! If a part seems to be lacking a voice casted then check over at the Behind the Voice Actors as I also ran it on there! Everyone was great thank you all for signing up!

    Murder Party
    Quick Summary:
    A group of 6 friends are invited to a mansion in the middle of nowhere, after their butler is murdered they all set off to find the culprit BEFORE he or it finishes them off!
    Other Info:
    Note: I will not be confirming any parts until the deadline hits, then I will choose who gets what part! So if it doesn't seem active then have no worries because I am constantly paying close attention to any new people who apply! 
     Note 2: This will be a bit sappy but I can not thank everyone enough for auditioning! Never would I think that so many talented people would try out to be in a what seemed to be a little stupid Minecraft film with a questionable plot! Thank you all so much! I am still taking auditions until the 28th of March unless I change it so continue on, just thought I would spread my thanks! 
     Note 1: Very minor characters (Like "Guy" and "Mailman") will be offered to the people that do not end up getting a part if it comes to that... the reason why I am not putting them on here is because it would be worthless to have a part with only one line to be on here (Angry student should have fallen into this category haha).
    Made in Minecraft this film has over 19 characters, 7 of which are major. Just be sure you have good audio quality and stuff. Secondly there are swear words spoken in the film. While not an "R" rated amount there are still some, (Only about 2 uses of each.) The film is about 80-120 Minutes in length, so just a fair warning to the amount of dialogue present. The film will be released for free on Youtube when it is finished! .However, if you are keen on voicing Jim go right ahead! If I really like It I will use it.

    Just a note: I am running this page on both BTVA and here so some roles may be filled that wont appear here due to it being different websites!

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold