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About Multiple Series - Seeking Female

Hello! Thank you for stopping by my casting call. I am Raven a sims 2 director, voice actress, editor, and writer. I am seeking One Male and One Female to replace my original actors in my voice over series. They dropped out with no explination and no response email so I need these roles filled quickly. Currently there is no pay, however, that may change depending on my job status in the next few months. So there is a possibility of payment in a few months.

The only rules I have is please use emotion, have a clear mic, and prepare to be dedicated to voicing in this project over the next year, It is hard to get episodes out because they take time. So this will be an episode by episode basis.

The first roles I need casted is in my series Discovering Tempest. I need two males. 
Here is a video of the first episode. The character name is Jayce and Brian.


Discovering Tempest: Is about a young girl who's mother died and she is homeless. After being beaten she meets a group of friends who take her in like her own. Meanwhile, at the royal house, a father George, the king of the land, is looking for his daughter before she dies. The King's wife does not want him to find his daughter but instead wants him to cater to her daughter. 

If you choose to audition for this role, please be aware to be okay with: Cussing, sexual themes, SOME incestuous (unknowing) situations, and racism (not to harm anyone but to showcase what really goes on in the world).

*Note* I do not at all condone nor encourage any form of racism. Any racism will be within the lines and for the character's purpose not to demean any real life persons.

If you are interested, please audition for Jayce.
In that same serious, I am casting for someone who is okay with playing a homosexual male character. His name is Brian. If you are okay, audition for Brian.

The next series I am casting a replacement for is for Hidden. The role I need is a lead. The story of Hidden is two girls are twins. So inseperable that they can't be told apart. One day, one twin goes missing and the other can not find her. Plot twist? They switched the night she went missing so now Arber is stuck pretending to be her sister Christine. Will she find her? How did it happen? What other secrets lay ahead?

The episodes to one and two are here:


I need the role of Rachel. If you are interested in auditioning for Rachel, please audition to the left. Thank you!

Please be okay with cussing.

I look forward to hearing your auditions!

About the Creator: Firefly

My name is Raven and I'm a sims 2 director and voice actress. I am experienced on both sides of the machinima process. I hope to work with you someday. If I work with you, I prefer to be credited as Firefly or RavenFirefly. Not Whitefeather. This was my old youtube name. xx

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold