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    About Robotic Voices Needed (Updated/New Characters!)

    This is an animation series to which I have already started to animate. That being said, quite a few roles have been taken already, specifically females. I am a teen, therefor it may take time to animate each individual episode due to school and personal reasons, but patience is most appreciated. The style of characters is not human, but is not animal at the same time. Let's just say I grew up using these designs, and I've had these characters for years. Therefor, it would mean a lot if I could find perfect voices for them, and be able to put them into an animation.I do not wish to spoil the plot of the series too much, but to put it simply....It will be a mix between Action, Comedy and very slight romance. A fight between two tribes, to know the truth of their own existence...the sweet, Amai. And the sour, Kyandi. Both seek the clues that lead to their creation, and why it is they have a burning passion to destroy each other. None even recalls who the other tribe are...and well, with no memory of who your enemy could even be, it makes the war even more bitter. One small child however...stands between them. A girl...a child from the past, that still houses partial memory. She knows something is wrong...but...she may not be the only one to remember.

    So far, these are all of the characters that have a decent amount of lines. Meaning, yes there are many more. But only the ones left are either main characters that come in much MUCH later, or minor characters with 1-5 lines. However I do have a few requirements in order to accept you for your roles.

    -Skype OR Gmail Account

    -Clear mic Quality (Please no background noise, but don't sound too flat)


    The deadline for turning in your lines must be at the latest 3 days after you've received them. If you have a problem with this, I will gladly extend the deadline if you ask. 

    Other ways to get in touch with me:

    Gmail- [redacted]

    Twitter- @QhostieGhostie

    Skype- Qhostangelordevil

    Deviantart- Qhostie-AngelicDevil

    (More character images will be added in time)

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold