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Chaos X's Previously Completed Works

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    About MMD Vocaloid Shorts

    These are just upcoming short MMD animations that I will be producing soon. I'll just give you the details here.

    1. Two Sides, One Heart:
    It's about two different rulers, a Light King and a Dark Queen. They been in war for so long that once day they both went to Earth and sees another verison of themselves but they aren't enemies but friends.

    2. Change of Heart:
    A boy who has been in a car acident was walking home alone. He always felt lonely and nevered had any friends until he meet a bull dog that just started following him. The boy and dog started bonded and the boy started to change.

    3. Warmth: 
    It's cold in the winter and Gumi meet this guy name Yuma while waiting for the train. As she got on the train, Yuma and the other passegners fell asleep. She decided to wake Yuma up so she tap his shoulder and sees a beautiful sunny grassfield.

    4. Notice me Senpai:
    It's valentine and Rin has feeling for a student name Len. She wants to him to be his valentine but is too shy to talk to him. Then a a cupid name Ia decides to help her confess her love to her Senpai.

    5. Awkward (My Verison):
    Based on the book Awkward, Luka is new to her school and she tries her very best not to make a total fool of herself. On her first day she bumps into this boy and everyone laugh that her. The boy wanted to help her get up but Luka push him away and ran off making things awkward as they meet again in the library.

    6. The Miracle:
    The queen is dying from a sickness and sends out knights to find the cure for her to live. One knight name Ciel finds a fairy which knows a way to save the queen but inorder for him to get the cure he needs to prove his loyality to the queen.

    7. Lady of the Lake:
    A villager was hurt and was looking for a place to rest. He walked near this lake and sees a woman in the lake and enchanting a song. The woman is very mysterious and helps the boy recovers while sings. After the villager is healed she disappears.

    8. Stars & Night:
    Teto is sitting alone outside of her school. She was sad about not seeing her friends again. A girl name Lenka sit with her to confert her. She then tries to cheer her up by creating a story by the stars.

    9. Left and Right:
    An demon meets and Angel between light and darkness. They both learn on how they both look different but are alike.

    10. Paint:
    A girl name Kakio didn't know what to paint for her art project at school. She stays at school to try to coome up with something but then a painting of a girl came to life and helped Kakio with her project.

    11. Two Face:
    A boy name Mikuo isn't a normal boy as he is being control by another verison of himself. This other verison is more socialable and curious while Mikuo is more shy and honest. One day, Mikuo met a lonely girl but he doesn't have any confidents to talk to her. So his otherself tries to help him speak to her.

    12. Rain:
    On one rainy day, Ritsu is alone waitng for the rain to stop to head home from school. A girl name Yukari loves the rain while Ritsu hates it. In this story they have mini verisons of themselves which is symbols what they are feeling.

    This will all be in my Youtube Channel once I get all the actors and finish the animation.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold