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About MLP: The Winter Blues CLOSED

Hello! This is a one-time project for the winter holidays coming up! I need a few voice actors to help me out to make this story into a short film. I will me making a sort-of animatic of it and I love working with other people. The timeline of this story will take place in what the show is at now, hopefully. It is a story of what effects people during these holidays, or at least outlining the importance of some things vs others. I'm hoping this video will average to about 10 minutes, however I might release it in parts, depending how long it will take me to edit it. All the videos will be uploaded to my youtube channel, which you could find on my profile page. I'm using photoshop to make the images which will hopefully look like an animatic at the end. This, however, is not an audiobook (hence the absence of the narration role), but not an animation either. This is my first time making an animatic this long; however, i've been drawing for quite some time. I guess you could reference to the video above for an example.

Disclaimer: MLP is not owned by me, but by Hasbro

For this you need a few requirements:

1. A Good Mic. - Now I don't need you to have a professional mic, just as long as I don't hear your tv playing in the background or your dogs barking we're good. I want to make this as nice quality as possible.

2. Discord - If you don't have discord than please make one. I'm not going to judge you if you don't know how to use it, believe me, I know the struggle. I will only message you mostly on lines and updates. You will be sending lines through there as well. I will give out about 2 weeks before audio deadline so I could finish this project before Christmas, and please be aware of this before auditioning.

3. Activeness - I cannot stress this enough. This is a very short project and I promise not to bother you unless I believe it is important in relating to the project. Please respond within 24 hrs even if all you need to say is "ok". If something comes up, please let me know! I'm not going to go all psycho on you, we all have lives outside of the internet, lol.

Now for the summary ~

The winter holidays are coming up and all of Ponyville seems to be in the heap of things; decorating houses, baking goodies, and celebrating with friends and families. With their annual play coming up, the mane six, and Starlight are preparing to exhibit the play they've been preparing for months now. However, when no-pony seems to be showing interest in their play, or any winter event in that manner, the ponies knew something was up. It is up to them to figure out who or what are causing these winter blues.

There are no limits to how many auditions you make, try out for as many roles as you'd like! Thanks! ~

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold