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    About My Little Pony : Sunset Shimmer Lament (animated music vid)

    This is my first major MLP animated project for my youtube channel, and probably gonna be my last one too. Since it is such a tough thing to tackle a second time.

    I have most people in the roles now. But I won't mind a voice actor for Sunset Shimmer to do the opening and ending sequence of the music video.

    I can't wait till it's done.

    Music will be based on


    I lost my heart alongside the power of a crown

    And every day I wonder how she'll (Princess Celestia/Twilight) be overthrown

    My plans and aspirations will die an ugly death

    If I don't reclaim it (the power) for myself

    I know my own dreams worked so hard for this (the control of Canterlot High)

    It seems so selfish, controlling everyone like this 

    I know I'm dreaming of the time when Equestria was nearly mine

    It seems so selfish (making everyone love her/gaining popularity)

    It seems so selfish (dating Flash Sentry not because she liked him, but for reputation)


    You (Twilight) kicked me out of my place and all but murdered my status

    The students came out, they watched me take control of the crown for myself

    I spoke the curse

    They fell to my command

    They knew I was the most powerful one there, they knew what I'd done

    It seems so selfish, now that I see where I'd gone wrong

    My dreams made me oblivious to their hate (the resent of the students)

    It seems so selfish (to want to take control over everyone)

    It seems so selfish (to have stolen the crown from the castle)


    It seems so selfish now (to want what she'd desired from Celestia's training, but to never achieve it)


    It seems so selfish (to want to discover what friendship really is)


    (and all the outro is her reflecting on how the mane six reluctantly allowed her into their group - and how she still resents herself for all she did before. takes place throughout Equestria Girls, ends at the beginningish of Rainbow Rocks?)

    (selfish is used in place of sinful because i feel like it fit her better haha)

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