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    About Mainstream to MLP Song Parodies. (Lyricists/Singers)

    This project has come about as a way to make friends with similar talents, while brining the fandom closer together in the best way we know how; With music. These audition are primarially for singers who do not want to be constrained to acting like a character in their singing, and lyricists who are inspired by the show enough to mess around with some songs to make them more fandom-based.

    Many other musical artists in the fandom have insoired me to take very popular songs, and re-write them to conform to MLP. Although, most of the songs I have written lyics for are out of my vocal range or gender abilities, so having a group of people that I know can do an awesome job at singing these songs, and people who can help write parodies that will entertain a growing audiance, is an absolutely perfect thought.

    You will be messaged through Casting Call if you have been cast as a singer, and emailed back if you have been cast as a lyricist. Since there arent specific roles being cast, I will not be closing the role on this project page by giving it to a specific person.

    Lyricists can send examples of song lyrics you have written to my email [redacted] for evaulation. I will most likely email you back on any critisims that I may have on the lyrics. You are allowed to submit 3 songs. You can submit 3 different songs, submit the same song 3 times with my criticisms, or anything else along those lines.

    The better the microphone quality, the more likely you will be considered. Microphone quality is very important when making songs.

    You can be a lyricist and a singer. All you have to do is mention that you tried out as a singer in your lyricist email audition with your castingcall username.

    General requirements for this project are having a skype so the group can collaberate, and a google drive account to send and download the finished pieces.

    I am primarily looking for baritone/tenor males and any female singers, although anyone is welcome to tryout. If you are a bass and tryout, be aware that if chosen, you won't sing as often as people of the other ranges, simply due to the severe lack of songs in that range. Trust me, I wish there were more. A demonstration of your vocal range or giving two notes that outline your range are reccomended in your audition.

    I am looking for a somewhat small group, keeping it limited to 2-3 singers (At least one male, one female) per lyricist I cast. Good luck! If you have any questions or need my help, message me on here or email me!

    Current lyricists: 1

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold