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    About Miraculous Ladybug : The Forgotten Raven

    Hey, guys! 

    So for a while now, I've gotten into the show 'Miraculous Ladybug'. So much that I've made a story called, you guessed it, 'The Forgotten Raven'. It follows the story of a girl named Rebecca as she struggles with who she think is potentially the worst person she has ever met, along with trying to make new friends after moving with her mom and sister to Paris due to financial struggles.

    Originally, this was going to act like a side story, but now it's more like a 'What if?' story, as it will include episodes from the actual show.

    The thing is, I want to create a comic out of the story. The only problem - I can't draw. Nor can I edit for my life. Fortunately, there are some people in this world who can! So I am asking for those who like 'Miraculous Ladybug', and are willing to do this kind of project for lining and coloring (if you want to draw the comic), or those who can edit in things like music and aligning the pages of the comic (if you want to edit this project). I'm looking for about 2 or 3 artists, as well as 1 or 2 editors. For artists, I will give you a few descriptions of what to draw, and once you are done with those drawings, I want you to email them to me (aka, my email [redacted]). For editors, I just want you to tell me a little about yourself, and explain if you've edited in other projects (if you've have, I'd like you to tell me which ones). Both the artists and the editors will be included in the credits afterwards (mostly since the editors will be adding the credits in).

    For voice actors, anyone can join, though I'm asking for the people who are auditioning for characters have a decent mic and have at least watched two episodes of the show.

    The episodes of the project will be posted on DailyMotion (sadly enough, as much as I want to get a YouTube channel, I don't want the chance of it being instantly taken down, if you guys know what I mean).

    With that being said, happy auditioning! :D

    *Just a quick note, auditions will also be held on If you have an account on there, here's the link ;

    (You will need to check page 16 or lower in order to find the project)

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold