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About Miracle Community : One Piece openings

Hello everyone and welcome to the fifth Miracle's Community casting call!
This time the project is about w-One Piece openings, please read all the informations below.

The Channel Project Presentation
 Miracle Community is a youtube channel to promote poeple . We will directly showcase the participant abilities (singing, voice acting,  mixing, drawing, animating.. etc)  to make them be known easier and share their own work.
We mostly do youtaite's activities (animes songs, manga's parody, kpop, jpop..etc) but we will maybe open to original projects later.
Of course by participating, we will share your own channel(s) or other links on the video where you are in!

You can do several videos with this channel, but I will try to make all poeple who deserve it to participate ; so you may not be in all the projects.

Conditions to audition
 - make sure to have enought quality  (being audible).

- have discord ( it's easier to talk about the project and share your own work with our community.)

I'll be a little bit demanding to chose,  even if you should have  fun by working in projects, this channel is still serious and only poeple who put effort into it and respect the deadlines (approximatively one month to record after having your lines) will be kept.

Don't hesitate to participate, even if I don't chose you for THESE songs, I can take you for others! (also if you want to take part to the project but you can't participate to theses songs for any reasons, you can send me a private message with your discord ID and I'll add you there )
If i already know you but you can't record before the deadline's end, and that you are sure that you can record the final one on time, inform me in comment or private message.

I won't cast poeple before the end of the deadline .

For this project, I'll give lines distribution after choosing the ones who will be casted.

You can audition for one or several songs.

Message me if you have any question.

Our channel's Discord server (Public) :

Good luck and Have Fun !

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold