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Zq Jason's Previously Completed Works

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    About Minecraft Roleplay - Esron warriors


    Hi, I'm Jason,  This has been in the works for maybe 3 years and just has been in the back shelf waiting to be produced. Esron Warriors is a complete fantasy, magic roleplay. 


    Not long ago… The continent of Esron, our home, was protected by a group of nine  gallant warriors by the names of Maukolm The Dark Lord, Asta The Ice princess, Iglis The Water Wizard,Talzin The Shadow Ward, Pyrarius The Blaze King, Alina The Earth Saint, Talvanus The Brute Warrior, Zelphar The Chi Master, and lastly, but certainly, not least Alluna The Light Goddess. These warriors protected us from the many monsters our minds cannot begin to comprehend. They have protected us from the evilest and disgusting villains to ever live. These warriors fought against hundreds of men and single-handedly ended wars. We pay our respects for they have saved billions of lives, our homes, and they have powers beyond this universe. But one day, they suddenly disappeared without a single notice. The world started to shift and became unbalanced. Monsters now roam free, killing people and destroying homes. No one knows what happened to the Esron Warriors, but they hope, even till this very day, that they would hopefully come back and bring back the balance. It follows Jason Osoth and his friends as they become the new warriors of Esron, fighting the Evil in this world protecting innocents and defending Esron with plot twists and all sorts of things.

    here are all the requirements to be in this roleplay..


    1. You MUST have a decent microphone. Any auditions with BAD quality or background noises will be denied, but if you want/ get a new Mic you can redo it.

    2. You MUST have Discord. ALL of the discussion takes place on our Discord Server, which will be PM'ed to you if you are accepted. 

    3. BE NICE! Nobody Likes Irritating People 

    4. Please be at least 14. I personally don't like working with people who are under that unless we need child roles (which we do) or who won't understand the content in the show. (exceptions can be made)
    5. Giving spoilers is completely NOT ALLOWED when you are on this project. If you Want to show your family or some people irl make sure to ask me (Jason) first.

    6. PLEASE have Minecraft!! It Isn't needed but if we do something, for example, a live stream I really want the voice actors to be there too.
    7. You HAVE To Be Committed I Don't wany slackers!
    8. I expect you to be active on the Discord server as much as possible.
    9. Have fun!!


    (SMALL NOTE) So if you notice some of the renders are good and some are really bad, thats because the good ones are made by a friend who actually knows how to do GFX and hes really good at it, all the bad ones are made by me sorry :)) 

    About the Creator: ZQJason

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold