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Abbey Da Bunny's Previously Completed Works

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    About Minecraft Roleplay - Eledora - 1 role open (good audio only!)

    Make sure to pay attention to ccc I will be private messaging you if accepted! and also make sure to read the rules and dont audition if you do not fit! 

    (Shouldn’t have to say this for either but people always miss my messages and i always get people who dont even bother reading the rules and waste my time)

    Hi! My name is Abbey! i am the creator of Eledora which has been going on now for a year almost! and we are very close to wrapping season 1 up and are now looking for season 2 Voice actors! i also do digital art and play all sorts of games but mainly just minecraft and sims, if you want to check out my channel its AbbeyDaBunny go check out that! also catch up on Eledora so far!


     Fawn was born a fairy, at 6 months old was taken to the human world by Serafine after a war broke out in the fairy kingdom of Eledora, Amara, fawns mother wanted fawn to be safe at all costs even if it means she would never see her little girl again, after Amara sent her away she tried to Explain to Sirus how what she did was an accident and she didn't mean for what happened, but he refused to listen, he was mad with rage for Amara betraying him, he didn't see anything but anger and he was consumed in it! even after he dealt with Amara he wasn't finished... he wanted more... he wanted fawn dead... he never killed Amara, because she was the only one who knew how to remove the binding she did with Sirus and fawn... if one dies the other dies too...

    S2 Characters

    Rogue - Season 2 Bad guy, still many secrets with this guy... who is he? why is he here...

    Jace - Rooms with Axel, sexy bad boy we all know the type... wait is he taking off his.... oh no... uhhh -nose bleed-

    Aria - Rooms with luna and stella, super sweet very girl next door vibe... wait why is she so close to jace... -yandere mode activated-

    Cole - Rooms with Sam and Elijah, oh my gosh he is adorable!!! ahhhh let me squish his cheeks!! 

    Luna - Rooms with Aria and Stella, omg blue hair? so cute! oooo psychic interesting, interesting!

    Stella - rooms with Aria and Luna, very tomboy has 2 other best friends... SHE IS THE CLASSIC BEST FRIEND TROPE AHHHHH!

    Carlos - Rooms with daxton and damien............. OMG WHY IS HE SO HOT I CANT HANDLE THIS NOPE NOPE NOPE TO MUCH! AND I THOUGHT JACE WAS HOT!


    PS: those were just for fun, I'm really not that thirsty I swear!

    How many episodes are we planning?

    for season 1 it will be 15 episodes for season 2 I'm hoping for either the same amount or more, but who knows!

    What is this project about?

    If reading titles aren't your thing, this is a Minecraft roleplay! if you haven't seen them before I highly suggest Aphmau or even one of my friends WolfFlash! he is very talentetooto!

    Whats the age range for this?

    i am mainly going to aiming for 13+ there will be some things for even adults like me to enjoy but still good for kids! though its minecraft i want this to be for all ages to enjoy! the genre i would say is fantasy, comedy, romance and can get pretty serious at times to i plan to make those tears run down your faces! 

    My goal for this series

    I really would love for people to get attached to these characters i have created! i want to make people emotional! and truly love these fictional characters i have created! it would be a dream come true if the people who watch this could feel the emotions the characters will feel! 


    1. To be in this project you need to be at least 15+

    2. This project isnt going to be short be prepared for a long term project when applying!

    3. you must have good to great audio quality I am not taking any background, echoey or muffled noise (for an idea look at the most recent people who I accepted for roles for S2 characters)

    4. you must have a discord!

    5. Respect my final decisions!

    6. Lines must be returned by due date, i will normally at least give you a week or 2 for them to be handed in! warn me if you wont be able to on time!

    7: please do not spam the auditions!

    Good luck if you audition!

     Youtube channel

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold