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Abbey Da Bunny's Previously Completed Works

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    About Minecraft Roleplay - Eledora

    Hi! My name is Abbey! i am going to be your director for this little minecraft roleplay series which will be called Eledora i am looking for some wonderful voice actors to play in this series! keep reading if you want to know more about it! also i will let you guys know! this is my first roleplay ive made so i am still new to this whole roleplay side of youtube! so if i give bad directions please forgive and give some constructive criticism 


    Fawn was born a fairy daughter of queen Amara, at 6 months old her kingdom, Eledora was attacked, by Sirus who escaped Eldrath which is a prison for the evil this realm is filled with dragons and Sirus being who he is somehow befriended one of the dragons and it helped him break through the realm barrier along with all the other prisoners, Sirus first went to take his revenge on the one who put him there in the first place, Amara but he found out she gave birth to a baby and he wanted to take that child away, but amara wasnt going to allow that so she found a spell that could save her daughter... though it was highly possible it would kill Amara.. but she was willing to risk it all for her daughter, so amara got serafine to go take her daughter to a safe spot, Amara would cast this spell to open a portal between worlds Serafine jumped through with fawn in her arms, they got to a new world without any witches, fairys or fae like creatures at all, it was safe for now, but no story can just end there right? nah that wouldn't be any fun! haha, you'll have to join to find out more! 



    Amara - queen of Eledora (the fairy kingdom

    Serafine (taken role maybe?)- A fire spirit also Amara's servant and best friend to fawn 

    Alexa - mother (fake) of fawn
    Sophia - Youngest child of Alexa and Ethan

    Skyler - The classic mean girl
    Mika - Super smart friend of skylers

    Zoey - the sweet friend of skylers (kinda like the classic mean girls of the school except the only real mean one is skyler)

    Oda - Sirus's wife also a witch
    Nyx (taken role)- apprentice of Oda

    Sirus (taken role) - sirus is the evil character who has to much of a backstory to put on here plus its secret! but all i can say is that he is a dragonkin  

    Axel (taken role) - he is also evil (at the start) but becomes good later on
    Damien (taken role)- Big brother to fawn and sophia 

    Daxton - Fawns crush
    Ethan - Fawns (fake) father

    Andrew - Amara's Butler

    How many episodes are we planning?

    My goal is to at least do 20 a season but it may be shortened or largened depending on how everything goes

    What is this project about?

    If reading titles arent your thing, this is a minecraft roleplay! if you havnt seen them before i highly suggest aphmau or even a couple of my friends WolfFlash or mrbetadev! they are very talented to!

    Whats the age range for this?

    i am mainly going to aiming for 13+ there will be some things for even adults like me to enjoy but still good for kids! though its minecraft i want this to be for all ages to enjoy! the genre i would say is fantasy, comedy, romance and can get pretty serious at times to i plan to make those tears run down your faces! 

    My goal for this series

    I really would love for people to get attached to these characters i have created! i want to make people emotional! and truly love these fictional characters i have created! it would be a dream come true if the people who watch this could feel the emotions the characters will feel! 


    1. To be in this project you need to be at least 15+

    2. This project isnt going to be short be prepared for a long term project when applying!

    3. you must have a microphone with little to no background noise

    4. you must have a discord!

    5. Respect my final decisions!

    6. Lines must be returned by due date, i will normally at least give you a week or 2 for them to be handed in! warn me if you wont be able to on time!

    7: please do not spam the auditions!

    Good luck if you audition!

    Youtube channel

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold