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About Minecraft Roleplay Halloween Special

Hello I am BlueDragon0 I run a youtube channel with over 4.000 subscribers. I know its only July right now but I really want to start getting voice actors for this special. I want to get it recorded as soon as I can so that I don't have to worry too much about it later on. This video is a Minecraft Roleplay special so its only one video if you are chosen to voice act then you will be credited in the description of the video. Also I really want people that are serious about voice acting, if somethings comes up and you can't voice act for my please let me know.

Run through of the video

BlueDragon goes trick or treating with her 2 friends Zoey and Jason. BlueDragon isn't dressed up, Zoey is dressed as a cat and Jason isn't dressed up. Jason and BlueDragon say they are too old for this but they still want the candy so they go anyways. They walk from house to house and eventually they have been to all the houses in the town so they go to Zoey's house. They look at all there candy and they find one item in Jason's candy bag that was kind of off. (IMAGE SHOWS UP ONE SCREEN~Small candy with a little skull on it) they all talk about how it could be poisoned, they put the candy aside and once BlueDragon and Zoey go through there candy they find the same skull candy that Jason had. They all stare at the candy and Jason talks about how it could just be a special Halloween candy or something. They eventually all try the candy at the same time. They all look at each other expecting something to happen or for them to be poisoned then Zoey's little sister runs in the room "HA you got trolled!" she yells "what!?" says Zoey,BlueDragon and Jason. Zoey's little sister Alice explains that she put the candy in all there bags (Black and white video of her putting the candy in there bags is shown as she explains) "So this was all some stupid joke?" says Jason "it wasn't stupid it was amazing!" says Alice "I'm GONNA KILL YOU, YOU GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK" yells Zoey as she chases Alice around the house. "well that was interesting" says BlueDragon0 video ends will Alice and Zoey running around.

Somethings in the video might be changed.
Before you audition for a character please make sure you read there personality so that you know how they act.


1~Please do not share any details to other people on this video (unless I say you can)

2~Don't have background sound~Try to find a quiet place to record your lines, I hate dealing with background sound. For example if you live with lots of people and you don't want them to hear you voice acting just wait till you are home alone or something like that.

3~Respect the video plot and BlueDragon0

Those are the rules you don't have to have a great mic for this I will be choosing all the voice actors myself and you will be credited in the description of the video.

4~PLEASE PLEASE get your lines in on time. (THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE!!)

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold