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    About Minecraft dragon labs series.1 auditions round.1 for Ep.2 thief's in the night

    Hi everyone this Rocky also known as goldendragongames 

    this is the audition page for Ep.2 series.1 of my minecraft dragon labs role play series

    dragon labs is about my character called Rocky

    who is a person with magic, a scientist and an adventurer
    Rocky’s magic powers but said powers don’t always

    Rocky with his best friend Professor.charles.GreenTea
    Who is also a scientist have just brought a lab in the middle of nowhere
    At dragon labs they sorta working but have really just have adventures at and around dragon labs with some of there other friends.

    and that's the basic overview of the overall story with out giving away spoilers 

    and the story for Episode 2 is that Rock is making his way to the new lab but it quite far away so he ends up going though the woods where he encounters a group of bandits.

    for round.1 of auditions there are four characters you can audition for 

    being Bart the bandit  leader, the worlock bandit, the wolfling bandit and the tech bandit 

    you can audition for as meany characters as you like but you can also audition once for each character 

    also there are just a couple of rules that you need to follow before auditioning


    1.Have a descent/good quietly microphone and little to no background noises

    2.You Must have email so I can contact you to send your part of the script to you and for you to send your voices lines back to me

    3.You must be over 18 to audition

    4.Be respectful of all people who audition
    And be respectful to all the cast if you get a part

    5.If you are chosen for a role when sending me your finished audio I need it to be in a .WAV format as that’s the format I uses for the rest of the audio

    6.you can’t Leak anything like the script or any of the individual story’s
    Or Episode titles that the character you voice appears in

    7.If you are chosen for a role please Send lines in on time but if you need more time to record 

    lines just let me know

    8. remember to have fun 

    and that's all the rules. so good luck to everyone who auditions

    also  before I forgot if you are chosen to voice a character
    You will be working for free as I can’t pay people any money

    and if you don’t get pick for a part this time for Episode.2 I will be holding one more Round of auditions for more characters that will need voices for Future episodes.

    Also when I have picked the four people who will voice theses characters I will make an announcement video of who has been picked for which character. And I will send a DM /email to the four voice actors who get the parts.

    Update on 11th of April: hi everyone Rocky with an update about this project so the first thing is I only noticed by 

    For the roles of Bart and tech bandit I accidentally set the gender as Male/female when it was meant to be male which i update. Also I extended the audition deadline from this coming Sunday the 14th to a new deadline of Saturday the 20th next weekend. 

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold