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About Minecraft Camping Smp: looking for small youtubers

Hello! My brother and I are looking for small Minecraft roleplay youtubers that can join us in this roleplay. We want it to be that we all record for our own point of views, and have semi-different stories. We also will all have have different backstories, and we will have the same backbone of the storyline. There will be no magic, or mysticality. BUT the setting will be that my brother and I are siblings, and the land used to be our parents' but it is now ours, and because of a very good mine on the land, buissness men want us to sell them the land. We keep saying no, so they try to kill us for it. Most of you are my friends from high school, but if you want to be something else (friend of a friend, cousin, etc.) that's okay, but please ask me about it first. On account of the ages, you can be a teen or younger. If you are a mobile player and don't know how to spea with us, download the Xbox app and we can get under a party chat there. My brother and I are 14 and 11, so please don't be surprised. You can find my Youtube channel as Moosic YT. In the My Previous Work category, the first one talking is me, and the other one talking is my little brother. 

WE NEED AT LEAST 5 PEOPLE FOR THIS                                                                                                   IT IS XBOX AND MOBILE MINECRAFT PLAYERS ONLY                                                                              WE WILL BE POSTING OUR POINT OF VIEWS ON YOUTUBE                                                                  A MIC IS REQUIRED                                                                                                                                              THE DEADLINE IS AUGUST 8TH

About the Creator: Moosic

Hello! I am 14 and my name is Bella! I love playing minecraft, roblox, the sims 4, SOMETIMES fortnite, and MANY more games. I also really like watching YouTube, and this series is partially inspired by Moondustbri 's The Cabin roleplay. It is also inspired by Origins of Olympus in the fact that everyone has a backbone story line, but they all have their own point of views. I was also hoping that maybe after this role play series some of the people working on this and us could keep collaborating, in different things as well, other than just roleplaying, and minecraft. If we don't that's fine too! You're also probably wondering what my character is like. My character's name is Sirena Bella Willow. I am sometimes shy and get scared easily, but I am still very protective and am always prepared, sometimes seeming like the mother of the group. I am 17, and my little brother is 15. I love music, and animals, and I get things done semi- quickly (putting up a tent, making a campfire, etc) I can be pretty quiet sometimes, but I can be pretty goofy once I get to know you well. Also, my favorite animal is bears, so that might get me into a bit of trouble at the camp, seeing as how there are bears at camp. Anyways, I hope you think of signing up for 1 of the 5 spots, and even if you don't that's fine too! Have a bear-y good day... or night! Stay healthy, stay safe, stay home, and stay awesome!

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