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    About Melrose Prep | ~Minecraft Role Play~ | Audition today!

    Hey! I see you're looking into this casting call! Please read all of this before auditioning or messaging me, thanks!

    Welcome to Melrose Prep!
    Down below, there will be some answers to questions (if you had any) and some information about this role play.

    Project started: 12/29/17

    What is Melrose Prep? :
    Melrose Prep is a Minecraft role play series that includes drama, comedy, and much more! There isn't really a main character, some characters just don't appear much in the series, like the parents. There will be a sequel to the roleplay, there isn't a name for it yet. 

    How long is Melrose Prep? :
    Melrose Prep is planned on having four seasons and each season is planned to have 24 episodes.

    Do we send you our lines?
    No, this is live voice and body acting

    What is your YouTube channel?
    I haven't posted yet.

    What are the requirements?
    1. You MUST have a decent microphone. Any auditions with shaking or background noises will be denied.

    2. You MUST have Discord! The script and other important things are listed on a server that you will be PM'd to if you're accepted.

    3. Please be at least 10+. Please act as mature as possible if you're accepted. This also includes no swearing.

    4. Cannot give spoilers! Spoilers are absolutely illegal in this roleplay. 

    5. This is a long and ongoing project so you must be in it for the long haul. If you can't show dedication to the project and/or have to leave at any time during it, I wish at least a two-week notice so I can write your role out of the series or recast it. 

    6. MUST have Minecraft! You are not just voice acting, you are body acting as well! {Please make sure your Minecraft can handle mods.}

    7. You must be available most weekdays and every weekend.

    8. This is the most important requirement, have fun!

    Director’s Notes: Please keep in mind, this series has not started and may not start for a while due to real life things.

    You will be given credit for everything you do.   

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold