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    About Mark and Olga (Might change the name)

    Mark and Olga (Or whatever I might title it) is an original comedy animation project I have been working on. When it comes to comedy, I like to base it off other shows that I like, such as Family Guy and Workaholics.

    The premise of the cartoon is it is going to take place in 1950s United States, which is during the Cold War. The series centers around a family (one dad, one teenage boy, and one teenage girl) who moved from the Soviet Union to Charleston, South Carolina. The dad is on a mission he is forced to be on, which is to try and sabotage the United States' army, otherwise, the entire family will be executed. Meanwhile, the two kids enjoy their new life in the United States.

    The dad, named Nick, is a very serious man who is easily angered by his two kids. Despite his cold attitutide with his kids, he tries his best to relate with them during non-working hours, which most times never turns out well. 

    Mark is an immature teenage boy who will try and do anything for his own entertainment purposes. He mostly focuses on making rude and unfunny jokes whenever he gets the chance. He claims he is too smart for schools in the US and the Soviet Union has taught him well enough, thus not being a very studious kid.

    Olga is Mark's older sister. Although she is more moral than her brother, she is always willing to do stupid things with her brother for the amusement. 

    I am able to animate using both sony vegas and adobe after effects. This is going to be a video series, hopefully. The pilot episode is going to be about Mark and Olga getting punished by Mr. Handel by being forced to write an essay about a musical concert, but they refuse to do it, which their dad is disapproval of.

    I did have character designs for Mark and Olga, however I lost these images. Originally, I had designs, scripts, and animation for this project months ago, however I never found any voice actors, so I cancelled the entire project. Now that i found this website, it would be great to bring it back again.

    Although there's only 4 audition spots for now, there are some future characters I plan to have. The 4 auditions are primarily for the pilot episode. If you are curious about auditioning for new characters, so far I am developing a male character who is always complaining and arguing about everything, a female character who thinks is funny but always just says unfunny or nonsensical jokes and remarks, and a male character who thinks he is too cool to do things and belittles those who aren't cool.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold