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Tyleralexeldridge's Previously Completed Works

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    About Male voice actor for a horror project on ROBLOX



    Throughout the past few months,  I've assembled a team of 10 people so far to help me in my pursuit of making a psychological horror and story telling experience on ROBLOX Studio.

    For those of you who know the creation platform, your first impressions probably weren't great. Which is justified. Most of the projects on there are more childish and rudimentary cash-grabs for monetization. That is not our intention.

    Our goal is to tell a story about a haunted man suffering extreme levels of guilt and depression, thematic ideas not as touched in video gaming.

    We love older horrors like Silent Hill and the old Resident Evil games from which we base our inspiration, because although they lacked in graphical fidelity, they were saturated in dread and art, and typically compensated with story telling design.

    We are also inspired by some modern pieces for their interesting perspectives and takes on horror, such as Amnesia: The Dark Descent, The Penumbra Series, and Among The Sleep.


    These are just a few screenshots from the project from scenery being built so far.

    Keep in mind, none of us are professionals here. We're simply people getting together wanting to make a neat story telling and horror experience. Graphical quality is not our strongest suit and this isn't going to look as good as something like Outlast.


    Like all things in the project, the story is new and subject to change.

    We like the story outline so far, but it is unrevised. The sheer amount of assets gets overwhelming and I apologize if I'm not the most organized or the best writer. I truly love writing poetry and telling good stories, but criticism and ideas are always welcome.

    Only read if you want a longer and more detailed version of the story
    Otherwise, skip this section

    Web Pages and Updates

    We have quite a few web pages to help keep documentation and track of the project!

    We update each quite frequently but our main weebly site is the best for a general description of the game and our team so far.

    "What's my role?"

    You play as Adam Teller, one of the main protagonists for the game.

    Refer to this pastebin document for more information on your role.

    "Why would I?"

    There are multiple benefits for hopping aboard our team!

    Most of us are not professionals.. yet(wink wink)

    That being said, we're more layed back individuals and won't breathe down your neck every minute of the day to get that deadline in. We're just a group of friends that want to make something awesome, and we can't do it without your help.


    I'd love to take a minute to talk about Roblox.

    To all of you interested in the project that don't know what Roblox is,

    Roblox is an extremely big and expanding game engine or game creation platform in which millions of players can play and create games of their own. The community is MASSIVE

    And so is the game list - 22,000,000 and counting

    I've been on Roblox since 2007(I am 19 years old currently) and other members of our team have also gotten comfortable on the platform and have chosen to use it for the simplicity of our project.

    Roblox has recently amassed 44 million monthly active players, 1,000,000 peak concurrent players.

    On the U.S. app store charts over the peak of the holiday season, it is ranked as the twelfth highest grossing iPhone app and the third highest grossing iPad app, the fourth most downloaded free-to-play app in Games and the top most downloaded free-to-play app in Family on Google Play, the sixth best-selling free-to-play game on Amazon, and the top free downloaded app on Windows 10 and Xbox One.

    So My Point?

    Our project will explode. I know this because it is unusual for a game of such high quality to be produced on the platform. It will and it has with projects of mine in the past.

    What does this mean for you?

    Your voice will be heard.

    This could be a perfect  opportunity for you if you're an individual with talent that needs somewhere to start getting more recognition. When the game takes off, millions of people will be playing it stastistically from all sorts of ages, backgrounds, and interests. Roblox has a large younger-aged audience but has just as much mature players interested in creative content.

    Thanks for taking the time to look at the project, and we hope to find our next team member!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold