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    Voice Acting 101

    Starts Feb 4. Seats limited.

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    About Mages, Magic, and Monsters

    Hiya, and welcome to my first Original story. Mages, Magic, and  Monsters a comic/novel I've had in mind for a while. Here's a quick plot summary if your interested (:.

    -For centuries Mages (Humanoids with Magical abilities) have lived in secret, and have been completely unknown by Humans. After learning this fact we are introduced to the main character Alex Madrove, who despite being born into a Mage family seemingly posses no Magical gift. Soon his whole world is flipped upside-down as a mysterious girl named Audrey claiming to be his "Magical Guardian" reveals his powers to him. He is soon whisked away to a school, made for Mages called Blackleash-hidden within a mountain in California. He is kept their for his safety and stays with his close older cousin, He is later informed he may be a part of a centuries old Prophecy- claiming that 3 powerful Mages would rise up to defeat a great evil. He soon finds their is Danger within Blackleash in the form of a powerful Demon called Derangia, who has infiltrated Blackleash and is hell-bent on ending Alex's life." 

     I need extreme skill and dedications to these roles, and based on personal experience ask that, if you audition for a character with an accent don't go over the top-or underwhelming. I thank you for your consideration and wish you well. This project specificly will be a dub of the comic and will be released Chapter by Chapter-note I'm only partly through a rough draft so this may take a while

    *Note-If you see the term Clans within any audition descriptions I would like to explain what Clans are. Within Mages, Magic, and Monsters Clans are basically ethnicities within this universe specifically for Mages-each containing their own Culture, Looks, Ideas, and Abilities

    *Note 2-While their is no NSFW content in it there is some dark/politicly incorrect humor and LGBTQ Relationships so if you want to audition keep those thoughts in mind


    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold