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About Made in Abyss - Episode 3 Clip

The Abyss is the last place on earth that hasn't been fully explored. 

Armed with proof (or so she believes) that her mother is alive at the bottom of the Abyss, an apprentice cave delver named Riko seeks to secretly scale down the vast hole that punctures her home city of Orth. With a boy made of technology unknown to the surface world by her side, she's sure to make it down safe and sound.

Her friend Nat disagrees. He's also an apprentice delver and realises the dangers of the Abyss can still kill the most experienced delvers, let alone someone as inexperienced as Riko. That's without taking the Curse of the Abyss into account - upon ascent, humans experience severe side effects ranging from nausea at the highest levels, all the way to haemorrhaging, loss of humanity, and death at lower levels... and this is guaranteed if Riko wants to come back up at any point. After angrily pointing this out to Riko and getting into a fight, he realises he won't be able to stop her. All he can do is see her off and make sure she's safe sneaking down.

This is where our clip starts. Riko, alongside her other friend Shiggy and the robot boy Reg aim to illegally make their way into the Abyss through an entrance tucked away in the slums of the city. Since that's where Nat was born, he offers to take them through safely - well, he tries to disguise himself at first since he's still feeling the sting of the fight. But despite his best efforts, the goodbyes are still tearful and more painful than he expected.


There are five characters up for audition. Riko, NatShiggy, a citizen of the wharf quarter, and Riko's mother Lyza (as the narrator) are all available. I am voicing Reg.

I'm taking this as an opportunity to listen to new people and work with those outside my immediate circle (though if people I know are reading and want to throw their hat in the ring, absolutely go for it). The script is complete and the reference clip fully edited. The clip is six minutes and thirty seconds long, which is a pretty hefty runtime for a clipdub (but it's more likely to be completed than an episode dub!).

I won't be aggressively stringent on audio quality, but have at least the equivalent of a Blue Snowball mic or above and (more importantly) minimise the amount of echo you have. The simplest way to do this is to record under your bed's covers. I know it's hot! But you've got to suffer for your art!

As for the auditions themselves, please do no more than three takes and I would appreciate it if the takes were more than a little different from each other. While takes with slightly different inflections are fine for the actual project, with auditions I want to see your creativity. It doesn't have to fit what the anime did one-for-one if you've been watching it, too. I'm more interested in how you interpret these characters. Doing only a single take for each is absolutely fine. Also please don't include any slates or introductions, just go right into the lines. Failure to follow these guidelines won't disqualify you, but will make you less likely to be cast due to not being able to follow instructions.

The deadline is the eighteenth of August, but I can't guarantee an exact time due to the fact I am Australian and don't want to juggle time zones (additionally, if you're curious, the reason it says this casting call was created in early July is because I clicked on "Make a new casting call" to check something out and I guess the site thought I've been working on it ever since then). I also reserve the right to scout for voices if no auditions really hit the right place. 

Who am I and what am I doing? I'm Lumisau, formerly known as Kamuro on the VAA. I've been doing this fandub song and dance for eight years now and have worked with quite a large amount of people who have gone on to become professional VAs in official anime dubs. The clips I have are old because I'm more of a voice actor than a producer, but Made in Abyss completely charmed me (yes, I know it goes to dark places, but my favourite anime ever is Madoka Magica if that tells you anything). Since it's Sentai who has the license, I felt it'd be a good show to fandub since they tend to hold off a year or two before dubbing, unlike Funimation and their simuldubs. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and let's get on with the audition!

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold