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Redrew89's Previously Completed Works

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    About Machinima Style Let's Play - The Life and Legend of Lielle, The Last Dragonborn

    UPDATE: 10/11/2016 - This project is in the early-phase of a reboot, now that life had fallen back into a more-predictable routine for me. I will be contacting the previously-cast auditions in the next few weeks, to check availability.

    DISCLAIMER - This project is going to be going on a semi-indefinte hiatus, for the time being, as I solidfy some of the concepts, characters, and technical details that the project will entail. There is also an element of personal circumstances, that require me to put this on the "back burner" temporarily.


    Full Pastebin (http://pastebin.com/MDwF8Vq7) - Cliff notes below:

    Premise: A fully-realized machinima-styled, RP-focused Let's Play series of The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, with a full collection of mods to enhance gameplay, story-telling, immersion and aesthetics.


    • Fully-voice player dialogue, encompassing most of the base-game dialogue, as well as dialogue from mods. Including custom sound assets for use with the Additional Player Voices and PC Exclusive Voice Path mods. 

    • Occasional cut scenes, rendered both in-game, through use of various mods and utilities, as well as the possibility of scenes rendered out-of-game, through Source Film Maker, and other 3D animation suites.

    • Additional voiced dialogue from other voice actors in the Skyrim modding community, contributors to follower and NPC mods, and additional extras and original characters.

    • Exploration of areas beyond Skyrim, via quest mods such as Wyrmstooth  and Moonpath to Elswyr.

    • Multi-arc, alternate-start plot progression, with new exploration of Elder Scrolls Lore.

    I can't offer any compensation for time, but I am willing to work with someone who is looking for a chance to expand their portfolio, or just wants to have fun with a new project. 

    Phase One of the project is largely going to consist of recording various short "scenes" that will be used as semi-promotional content, in the early stages of the project. This will be a more immediate phase, and will also be a sort of "extended trial", wherein we can get to know each other, and the characters we will be bringing to life.

    Phase Two will depend on the commitment level of the selected actresses.Assuming everyone is able to provide the effort required, production of the series will begin, with gameplay being recorded on a regular basis, with production of plot-curcial scenes and dialogue being handled on an as-needed basis.


    Lielle - I'm looking for a voice actress in her early-to-mid 20's. No experience is required, but preference is given to individuals who have previous experience with audio production and editing, particularly use of Audacity to clean add balance audio before mixing it to the video.

    Dibella - Being ageless, Dibella's role is more forgiving. There is no hard age-range for this role, though there is preference given to an actress who can provide the voice for both forms of this goddess; child and adult.

    Mara - Like Dibella, there is no strict age-range. Likewise, a single actress for both roles will be given greater preference..

    For the child-forms of both goddesses, They are far from ordinary children. Their attitudes and mannerisms will reflect their true age, or, immortality. Hence, some credence is given to the idea that their voices would not necessarily be child-like, but merely a slightly pitch-elevated version of their adult forms' voice. This can be accomplish manually or digitally, as necessary, though, natural flexibility is prefered.

    About the Creator: redrew89

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold