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    About Lunar's Life

    Well, hello there! My name's Jazmyn, but call me whatever you like (as long as it's nothing inappropriate)! So, this is a series that I've been wanting to do for some time now, and it's suppose to be an animated series on my YouTube Channel.

    Holy shit, I forgot to say what the series was about, lord forgive me, I am sorry to all of you! XD

    Anyways, this is a story about a Lunar, the Vampire King's half breed daughter that's somewhat human, but also has another side to her, so, she has no idea what the third part of her is, basically.. Anyways, she's going to high school at "Sliver Valley High", she's 16, moved schools and to most she lives a normal life. So, the question is, will her journey change when her father decides to contact her after all the years of her being gone from the royal hell hole she was in. Also, will she revel to her new human friends her secret? 

    I may update that description of the story, that was kinda bad XD

    First, I am going to state some facts that may be obvious by now.

    Will there be cursing?
    Yes, this series in some lines may have a bit of cursing, so, that one kid that thinks cursing is cool and you wanna try for this series, ask a  parent first, if your parents don't want you to curse, don't audition. If you audition, and I get a random message from a parent saying "Oh, my kid is cursing because of you" or shit like that, I will reply the obvious facts back, and who will be in trouble now...?
    You left out one detail, Billy..
    (No offense to any good kids named Billy tho.) 

    How long will the series be?
    Hmm... Well, about at least 20 episodes or more in each season, and I'll give it two seasons, if the viewers want more, then yeah! Btw, you have to be committed mate or else, why chu do this to meh? You show meh your good acting skills and leave, it makes me sad. ;( 

    XD anyways, moving on!

    Are those images just Random?

    Actually no, thoses images are something I found off of online but they somewhat mean something about the characters, not to mention, only the voice actors will know when they get the audition, so, still a secret. 

    How old must you be to audition?
    Umm... I would say at least 13 or 14 to 17 (or 18 but I'd need a bit more info about you, so then my parents could trust me).

    I'm dead on the inside..
    Great! Me too! Moving on..

    So, is this the only series you're doing?
    Nope, this same series will also have a side series to it, but it will only happen on Saturdays, Credit to Cookie Snap for that series, she helped me come up with it, I may put a link to her channel when she gives me permission to put it somewhere like in the description, but check out her YouTube channel, she's awesome! Like you could just literally just search her up on YouTube, like, why are you not subbed yet? XD

    Rules and Stuff:
    1. If you want to redo your audition, that's okay but let me know, ok?
    2. Have a good microphone, please!! 
    3. Have Skype or Discord, like please!!!
    4. Have fun, no pressure fam!
    5. Be nice, I don't wanna see anyone bitching, ok? Ok
    6. Wanna help me with the series, just send me a message on skype or discord and I'll message back when I need help
    7. Have an more questions, message me on Casting Call.
    8. Try your best fam, if you don't get a role, that's okay, because there's more roles coming soon!
    9. Once you become one of my voice actors, you cannot, I mean CANNOT tell any spoilers about the series. So, once I tell you the meaning behinds those pictures, you also have to keep that a sceret. X3
    10. Have a great day!

    Skype: xXJazzycraftXx (That's a stupid name, I know)

    Discord: Unlivedflower6000

    Also, ignore the deadline, that's not actually the deadline

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold