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    About Luna and the Star Breaker [Fantasy Based Radio Play]

    Hi there. I am Arron AKA YaroShien. I am a Voice Actor, SFX Designer, Abridger, and Dungeon Master for the D&D Stream Show D6. Recently I have been wanted to come out with more interesting content on my channel. So I decided to take a bit of time to come up with a story that is based on my D&D game world. Should you want to see my social media, I will post links below.



    This is the story of how a Farm girl who lives in a village north of a very dark and ominous cave that is said to have a treasure that can persuade entire kingdoms to their knees. So when her village is being overlooked and abused by an very greedy Archduke, who has been stripping the people of their crops and taxing them to an unruly extent, Luna, sets out to find this treasure to make the duke go away. Little does she know the treasure is the legendary sword, Star Breaker. And within lies a spirit that has no interest in human affairs, and aligns with no sides.

    How to Audition:

    Microphone: First and foremost, have an actual Microphone. Do not record on your phone. Do not use something that is less comparable to a Yeti or a XLR mic. I have, over many years, heard some rather shitty audio quality. You have to think of it like this, its a Radio Play, people will be listening to you. The quality of your mic is imperative to anything. So if you think that your desktop mic is more than enough, don't even bother. Also consider the reverb around yourself, if I can hear it, you can hear it, and I know they will hear it. Also you are free to post your audition here, but do send it in via email. That way you are able to keep your auditions private if you wish.

    How to send Your Audition:

    1.Send All Auditions in WAV. - 48000hz / Send The File in a Single Audio file. Do not send them to me in pieces, I will immediately delete your email if you send them to me in pieces.

    2. Title your Audio file like such.[Name]_[Character]_LunaStarBreakerAudition

    3. Email me with the Subject "[Name]LunaStarBreakerAudition" to [redacted]
    4. Send me links to projects you have been in in the past in the email. If you have none, just a link to your Youtube/Soundcloud/ETC.

    5. The Deadline for the Audition is March 31, 2015

    What to expect:

    First and foremost, You will be directed over skype. No exceptions. Context is a vital part of any situation and acting. Think of it like this, would you rather be told you didn't do that line right by one person or thousands of people. At least the first person knows how to fix the issue. I know that your argument is "well... just get redos." And my argument it is "Then Don't Audition." You must and will be directed. Second off, from being casted, I will consider you for other projects like How To Be An Adventurer, or even suggesting you to other content creators.

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold