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Swiftytheghost's Previously Completed Works

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    About (MALE SINGER NEEDED)( Fan Animatic) Lullaby for a Warrior

    Hi guys! Swifty's back with another project! 

    This is more of a side project, one I'm doing as a kind of thing to kick back and relax with. 

    So, this is based of a clan rp I have with a few friends. The story intales a young she-cat and her brother Thrushflame, two proud warriors of Streamclan. They love each other and joke around as normal siblings do, even when they think their mother is "dead" when she just faked her death and fled to a different clan. Of course, Snowpelt blames herself for her mother's 'death' (long story) And it's part of the reason the clan over looks her. Soon, as she grows, she begins to realise how much attention her brother gets, seeing as the clan is determined that he's destined to be a great leader, and Snowpaw feels rather shut out, ignored, overlooked, and neglected. Thus, is why she begins to grow cold. 

    Eventually, Snowpaw meets Ice, a darkforest warrior who just ends up making Snowpaw's hatred worse. Darker and darker does Snowpaw grow, and the more corrupt she becomes, the closer she is to breaking. 

    Eventually, she lashes out, causing a bunch of chaos and trouble amungst her family, and banishing her from her clan. But she makes a new clan, yadayada yada, attacks streamclan, long story short, Thrushflame kills Snowpelt and peace is restored. 

    This animatic explains the story with this song, but I want to make it different. I want both Thrushflame and Mintfeather (Their mother) Singing the song. 

    Now, I don't have the best voice, so I'll put up auditions for Mintfeather as well. But i plan to sing her part (unless I find somebody better). 

    please audition! Here is an example of an animatic, if you don't know. (yes, the video is mine.)

    About the Creator: swiftytheghost

    Hi! im new to Castingcallclub! But i'm an animator with a passion and a very long and difficult to explain story that she would love to show the world through a comic dub!! ^^ i also love to voice act. 

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold