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    About Love Live: Printemps Covers!

    Hi hi! I'm LoopyHoopz14, or, ya know, Loopy is fine.

    The WILD STARS project seemed to have dropped down due to someone not replying to me, and I honestly don't think it would rise back up. So, looking through the songs I tried to think of another one I would like to do. And then I just thought "Hey why not do subunit ones as a full on project?"

    AND BAM! This!

    This casting call is specifically for Printemps. I will be taking the role of Hanayo, however, but Honoka and Kotori are open for you all.

    Now for some rules.

    - This will be a mix of Japanese and English: Meaning that some songs will be covered in Japanese, while others may be covered in English. However, I noticed Printemps has 11 songs rather then 10 songs like the other two subunits (greedy lol), so the last song covered may be either Japanese, English or a mix of both. I may just as whoever is cast what they think.

    - Do not be rude to any other people who are either casted for this group or just auditioning: I don't respect that and you'll probably be kicked out/not given a chance for this.

    - Helping me with anything is fine: Mixing, lyrics, etc. You can audition for a role and still help me. Heck; you can just help me and that would be fine.

    - Good mic/No background sounds: I'm not saying you need to get something expensive or something like that; just something that I'll be able to hear you with. And hear your voice only.

    - Make sure you have both a skype and some media I can credit you from: Nuff said.

    If you do have any other questions, please feel free to ask!

    Also incase you're wondering; a name is still to be decided.

    Also incase you're wondering; a list of songs that will be sung:

    Love Marginal - English

    Sweet&sweet Holiday - Japanese

    Pure Girls Project - English

    UNBALANCED LOVE - Japanese

    Puwa Puwa-O! - English

    Eien Friends - Japanese

    Nightingale Love Song - English

    CheerDay CheerGirl - Japanese

    MUSEUM de Dou Shitai? - English

    WAO-WAO Powerful Day! - Japanese

    NO EXIT ORION - To Be Decided

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold