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    About ☄️Love Live ❄️ MEGA CHORUS ❄️ Falling Feathers ❄️ Searching for Cast!☄️

    Hello there stranger! This is another Falling Feathers casting bc we need our EN RinPana and another Mixer!

    To get this clear with everyone, we’ve all seen so many soldier game, snow halation, Aishiteru Banzai and Start; Dash covers and personality I’m getting sick of it. I’ve seen a few groups say that they won’t do popular songs and that’s what this group is also going to avid by. So we’re not going to sing popular songs! But you can sing them in your audition!

    So i’m basically telling you to have a good knowledge of the songs or at least listen to the one’s we’re going to sing!

    This group will also be doing subunit songs into 9 members songs, or 9 members songs into subunit songs, we can also do an 18 members songs!


    Have a good mic - Have a mic that doesn’t make too much noise in the background, it’s okay if It has a bit of background noise because you can cut that out by Audacity (by using the noise removal effect.)

    Be able to sing in English - English words can be hard to pronounce like “Otorhinolaryngologist” (That’s an actual word) But please have a good knowledge of pronouncing English words!

    Please hand in your parts on time - I will give you 3 strikes and If you do use all your chances then you will be uncasted and we will find any other person to take the role from you. So please hand it in on time.

    Be active - Please be active on Skype or Email. If you are a casting call maker we’ve all had at least 1 experience with someone just not talking to anyone or accepting your Skype invite

    Be able to harmonies/ Sing on time - Being able to harmonies/ sing on time is a HUGE bonus! It’ll make the songs sound thousand times better! And it’s just easier to mix! So if you can have some back track music in the background! It shows me how you sing along with the music

    Please sound alike the character you are auditioning for - It would boost your chances of getting casted if you sounded similar to the girl you're auditioning for! And you can also audition for as much roles as you want!

    Be nice to others! - Please be nice to everyone, just be polite to you don’t like someone’s audition, you could say like “You’re a bit too fast and maybe if you use a piano cover in the background you’d sound so good, I think you’d be casted for the role!” Something like that not saying that they suck and just sound bad, that’s just really mean and you’re chances of getting casted with that meanie persona will go down alot.

    We’ll be using Skype or email! - Well the title kinda explains it but please have a email (The one you use to even audition) or a Skype! And be active on it!

    Here's the cast so far!

    JP Muse Cast:

    Honoka: eskao654

    Kotori: harukatsumi

    Umi: magicheresy

    Hanayo: sadmem

    Rin: bubble

    Maki: yolirend

    Nico: Cari

    Nozomi: Illya

    Eli: tachibanaaaaa

    JP Aqours Cast:

    Chika: Illya

    You:  magicheresy

    Riko: kasuganosenpai

    Ruby: Wooly

    Hanamaru: tophmika

    Yohane/Yoshiko: caballetta

    Mari: beria

    Kanan: yoyoyolo/Yangire-chan || Yoyohane

    Dia: tachibanaaaaa

    EN Muse Cast:

    Honoka: Illya

    Kotori: niveousaura

    Umi: darange

    Hanayo: ??? (???)

    Rin: ??? (???)

    Maki: waffleofmagic

    Nico: wooly

    Nozomi: Umi_my Girl

    Eli: Tachimukai Lanni

    EN Aqours Cast:

    Chika: Illya

    You: fairytailfreak/ LoveLiveAddic

    Riko: waffleofmagic

    Ruby: wooly

    Hanamaru: bravelybecca

    Yohane/Yoshiko: Mynyas

    Mari: quietlyy

    Kanan: beria (Berri)

    Dia: ashbum

    the title kinda explains it but please have a email (The one you use to even n muse (English) and Aqours (English)!

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