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    About Love Live! Covers : MYTHMAKERS

    Hi! My name is mindanguyen, but please call me Minda~ Today, I will be creating a project named Love Live! Covers, yes I have done a lot of them and haven't finished them but I am definitely doing this one. I was playing on a website named Unscramble Words and I used the first letters of the u's members first name and last name. I saw the first one at the top, it said MYTHMAKERS. I also think u's are MYTHMAKERS because they create myths, it's a miracle! Why don't you submit an audition and join the MYTHMAKERS? This is a Japanese and English group, don't worry about singing the full song for the auditions because you won't have to do that!

    I will be self-casting as Rin-chan!

    The rules aren't too strict and harsh!

    1. You must sing the songs in Japanese.

    2. Each member of MYTHMAKERS should have a job to do just like u's. If you wanna join, you must choose what you want to do. The options are mixers, lyricst, animators.

    3. You must have a way of contacting me when you're not active on this website. It can be e-mail, most people do have that and it's common sense. Skype isn't needed, we won't be using Skype as I have no Skype o-o

    4. Please be active and keep your schedule clean and neat. Well I know everyone is supposed to be busy with school but please keep this in mind otherwise.

    5. If you want me to choose the characters you could audition for, I'd be happy to!

    The animation introduction is like this: Everyone has their own slide where their image of their character appears and your name is shown and profile link is shown, the website you auditioned at is shown. After that, the members will say, ''Hello! We are the MYTHMAKERS! Please listen to our song, (song title)!''

    We might sing Bokura Wa Ima No Naka De for the first song!

    I hope you all become a Maki Yazawa Tojou Honoka Minami Ayase Kotori Eri Rin (MYTHMAKER).

    :) I can't wait to see all of your auditions!!

    About the Creator: mindanguyen

    I'm about to come back from hiatus xP

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold