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    About Love Live! Cover Idol Project ⭐

    Do you have an idolsona? Do you like to sing Love Live songs? What a coincidence, so do we! We're taking the plunge of starting a song cover group made up of Love Live OCs, purely for fun and out of love for the series.

    We're looking to have nine members in the group, counting the 2 founding members Fin and Miffy. So we need your idols!

    Audition Requirements
    • -Have an idolsona. This can be expressed through a drawing or a card edit. Your skill at either of these doesn't really matter as long as we can see what your OC looks like. We can assist at card edits if needed. They can be of any gender, and we'd love to see creative-looking idols!
    • -Be able to sing in Japanese. We aren't very stingy about this either, so your Japanese doesn't have to be perfect at all. As long as your pronunciation sounds enough like it does in the original song, you should be fine.
    • -Have a way to record yourself. This is kind of obvious. It doesn't really matter what you use to record, as long as we can hear you. If your voice is clear and there's minimal background noise, there won't be any problems. We're both beginners who are just doing this for fun, after all.
    Two people can't do everything alone, so we're also looking for staff members, or members who can also assist with mixing and video editing. Your help would be much appreciated!

    This is a Love Live cover group at its core, but we're also toying with the idea of covering other kinds of J-pop songs (Vocaloid, real-world idols, other animes etc.) if there is interest from the members. We may also start doing english fandubs.

    Interested in auditioning? Fantastic! Please fill out this form.
    For your audition song, we ask that you sing a short (first verse and chorus, or the length it is in SIF) version of any Love Live song.

    You don't have to be an exceptional singer, because as previously mentioned, we're inexperienced fans who are doing this for fun. As long as you can sing confidently, there should be no problem. We'll choose the songs we sing based on range that everyone's capable of singing in.

    The deadline is tentative, and we'll push it forward if we don't get enough auditions within it. Since this isn't a very serious project, just remember to have fun!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold