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About Blinded Power

What is this story?

Mika Lee is a normal high school girl, except for one thing. She had been blind since she was 6, until July 16th of this year. She had regained her sight and found something terrifying about her family. Or, you could say her "care takers" because her real family was gone. Where was her real family? How had she regained her sight? Who were these people around her? And most importantly, where are these supernatural powers coming from? 

Blinded Power is a mystery series about Mika and her friends, Jeremy and Kristi. I wonder what adventures they'll go through. 

What are the requirements?

- You MUST have Discord to audition(if not, make sure to install it!)

- You are expected to have some sort of microphone, or a way to have clear audio

- You are expected to meet all the deadlines to get your lines in

- You have to be respectful to the whole team, or you will be fired

What is the usual deadline?

- Depending on the length of the episode, you will have 2-3 weeks to get your lines in. I'll let you know

How can you contact me?

- I have discord, my user is Suzshiii_boi#3416

- You can also contact me on YouTube(Suzshiii_Online)

What is the budget?

This is a project for fun and is also a school project. For now, I am not monetized on YouTube(where I will be posting this), so for now I'm looking for voice actors who will not need payment. If the series blows up and I make money from it, payment will definitely be included.

How can you audition?

You can either audition with your demo reel, or you can send me the lines I provided on each role

What should you expect?

When you enter the discord server, expect to be warmly welcomed by me or one of the moderators. You will be given the script to practice and record you lines. You can send the audio file to me either in the section called "[INSERT YOUR CHARACTER NAME] Lines" whenever you're finished. There will be sections where you can talk to the team. our goal is to all become comfortable enough with each other to make a very successful series with not too many issues.(arguments, members disliking each others, etc)

How will the project be set up?

Once I pick you as a voice actor, I can send you the link to the discord server. We can talk about payment, any questions you have, etc. About the project itself, I am animating the whole entire thing, so please make sure to get you lines in sooner than later, so I have plenty of time to animate it. The timeline for the project is:

1. I'll send you the episode for you to record your lines.

2. I'll work on the next episode while I'm waiting for you lines.

3. I'll edit all the audio together or one of my moderators will.(please try to put around 3 seconds in between lines)

4. I'll start animating. You will get updates on the progress every 2 days so you'll know I'm working.

5. I'll post episodes on Saturdays, so you'll get it as soon as I finish so you don't have to wait for Saturday.


As this is unpaid, you definitely will get credited in the description and in the end card. 


Thank you so much if you choose to spend you time recording your lovely voices for my project. I appreciate anyone who even tried out, even if they didn't get the role. I'm exited to see how this project will go!

About the Creator: Suzshiii Animates

Hillo! My name is El, but you can call me Sush. I love to animate, draw, and most of all I love writing! I have other interests, too, like I'm a black belt in Karate, and I play piano and guitar. It's nice to meet you!

Info about me - 

From what friends, group members, and my relatives say, I am good to work with. I find my self pretty easy going, but I do know when to be strict. I'm a nice person, but I'm super awkward even online, so if you think I'm being mean to you, it's probably just e being nervous. The one thing I'm not good at doing is coming up with titles. You can use Blinded Power as an example of a bad title lol. 

I edit mainly on my pretty sturdy smart phone with these apps:

KineMaster Pro

CuteCut Pro

Alight Motion Pro

IbisPaint X

Occasionally I'll use Live 2D and ClipStudio Paint on a Windows 10 and Huion 13 Pro to make videos, but I keep most of those projects to myself.

I don't feel the need to share my age, because of all the creeps on the internet, but I am still a minor(under 18). I consider myself a relatively good editor, writer, and artist. I'm only sure about being great at writing, but I'm good enough at the other tow to make a series that looks pleasing to the eye. 

Socials - 

Discord - Suzshiii_boi#3416 (I turned off adding as a friend or DM's, so if you want to contact me on discord, make sure to message me here with your tag so I can add you)

YouTube - Suzshiii_Online

Casting Call(I mean- you're here but sure I'll still add it) - Suzshiii Animates

Anyways, it was nice to meet you. Have a good rest of your day/night!

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold