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    About "Look Alike" Sonic OVA Song Cover

    So as some of you may know, I am working on a fan-made animated sequel to the Sonic movie which came out way back in 1996 (1999 for US). At the end I want a nice little credit sequence, but I want something to make the credits standout. Little scenes will play for the characters, and I want the music to be the underrated song from the original movie, "Look Alike". The lyrics fit well with a lot of the characters, and because of that, I want the characters to sing different parts which suit their role. 

    At first I was going to ask the people I cast for the roles to do this (the deadline for auditioning is December 31st, though I may extend it since I haven't completed the script as I planned to by this time), but I was aware that some people cannot sing in character as it is difficult and also some people just don't want to sing. So, this is a project for people who feel as though they can sing in character!

    And yes, I want you to sing with not only the voice of the character, but the personality. Sonic is cocky and happy, Shard is the same (but robot filters will be needed for him - be careful with filters that change the notes being sang), Sara is annoying and girly, Metallix is quiet and reserved, Robotnik is evil and confident, Old Man Owl doesn't know what day it is, Mr President is cautious and cowardly, Knuckles is hot-headed but proud and Tails is friendly and intelligent. Trust me, it seems like a little thing, but if you tried sounding overjoyed as Metallix or super depressed as Sonic, it wouldn't sound like they were the characters singing it.

    When auditioning, please do it without an instrumental. I have found the instrumental I would like to be used in the final product and I will send it to everyone who is cast. I also have a script. Many lyric sources are unreliable online, and very few actually have accurate lyrics (unfortunately the ones with the incorrect lyrics are the most popular sources).

    PS: You don't need to sound like the voice actors (canon or the ones I cast). Just represent the character with your own unique voice. :)

    Good luck! ;)

    About the Creator: ladycreepypasta

    I'm just some British teenager with a YouTube channel, but in my spare time I enjoy writing my own original stories and fanfics. For my GCSE work in drama I would write my own scripts, which is also something I now do in my sparetime. I draw my own comics which relate to the Sonic the Hedgehog series. I'm massively into anime and videogames.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold