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About Lion College | Minecraft Roleplay

  1. Rules
  2. 1. You must have a decent microphone. Any auditions with bad quality or background noises will be denied, but if you want to get a new mic you can redo it.
  3. 2. You must have Discord. ALL of the information given is on our Discord Server, most lines are going to be prerecorded. But other episodes will be live.
  4. 3. Must be able to say lines with personality. By the way, the roleplay is scripted.
  5. 4. BE NICE!
  6. 5. Please be at least 11+. Unless the role is a child role.
  7. 6. PLEASE have Minecraft and must be able to run mods! This only applies to Full actors, Builders, and Body actors.
  8. 7. You Have To Be Committed I don't take any slackers
  9. 8. I expect you to be active on the Discord server as much as possible.
  10. 9. We don't support MCPE so you MUST have MCPC
  11. 10. Have fun!!

  12. Notice
  13. Please check for updates! I will be adding roles to audition for as time goes on. Also, I may extend the deadline if we don't have all the roles cast. I will start casting people in on November 17, 2018.

  14. Introduction
  15. Born as a normal magician. He has more power than all or most magicians. He doesn't know why he has more power than most but it's because of his very old family member which is Merlin. But he doesn't know this. So he and everyone is asking why is he so different. Until he uncovers the truth.

  16. What is the plot about
  17. The plot is about a boy named James. He goes to a magical school for magicians. Were the magicians can only master 1 of the 4 elements (Air, Earth, Water, and Fire). In some rare cases, a magician can master 2 elements. The last person that could master all the elements was The Great Merlin. But James can master all of the elements and everyone didn't know why even James because of this James keeps asking himself why is he so different. So James goes on a hunt to see why his different and it's because he is relented to Merlin.

  18. What is this project about
  19. This project is a Minecraft roleplay series. Our target audience for the series is people from ages 10-20, but all ages are welcome. The genres of it are mystery and fantasy, though it will have some romance and comedy in it. 

  20. How many episodes are we making
  21. We're planning to do about 160 episodes but this number can go up and down within time. 

  22. WARNING!!!
  23. Sime topic in this story can offend and or trigger people! There are a lot of LGBTQ+ characters.

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold