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About Leviathan: Resurrection

Leviathan: Resurrection is part one of a machinima mini series created by Final Chapter Studios. The Leviathan series follows two Orbital Drop Shock Trooper teams hunting down powerful unknown creatures called Leviathans, while the two leaders, Miles and Cyrus Gardner conflict with each other. The series will range from four to five episodes of about 15-30 minutes per episode with part one being scheduled to release in early to mid December. 

Pilot Episode: Resurrection

Wolf Squad is one of the best ODST groups the UNSC has ever seen, and their leader, Lieutenant Miles Gardner, is at the head of this team's success. Miles is one of the greatest leaders and an all around fantastic soldier. His cunning leadership and determination has brought his team of Kelly Hamilton, a long time friend and teammate, and Seth Matthews a newly acquired prodigal soldier, to great success. This success however, has also made him become one of the most despised people in the UNSC by one man, his brother, Cyrus.

Wolf Squad is assigned a mission to investigate an abandoned facility believed to have been taken over by an Insurrectionist terror group at war with the UNSC. Shadow Squad had been originally assigned the mission, but due to a lack of team members, they were ineligible for assignment. Cyrus uses this as an opportunity to show to Miles that when all else fails, the UNSC will always turn to Wolf Squad.

As Wolf Squad arrives at the facility, they find that no Insurrectionists are guarding the facility or are even in the facility. As the team digs deeper into the facility, they find traces of mayhem and destruction as they find many dead bodies of UNSC soldiers. As they continue into the facility, they are nearly discovered by Insurrectionist soldiers. Just before they are discovered, a powerful unknown creature known as a Leviathan makes its presence known.

As Wolf Squad sneaks off, Seth tells Miles and Kelly to keep going as he stays behind. Miles and Kelly go to make a call to command, but before that they watch the battle between Seth and the Leviathan through the facility's security cameras. Seth is eventually killed by the Leviathan, then right after that, Miles makes the call to command for help, which is answered. 

Voice Acting Guidelines:

Deadline for voice actors is November 15!

Looking for experienced voice actors that can produce voices that will sound between the ages of 24 to 28. Must be able to fit the description of said characters in terms of how they are voiced. I am also looking for voice actors who will be committed to long term roles as the series will mainly focus on the two ODST teams. That being said, all time and effort put into your auditions is greatly appreciated, and you will be properly credited at the end of each episode.

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold