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About Let's Play Kindergarten! Voice Acting Group

A voice acting group that will be doing a choose your own adventure style series of videos voice acting the different paths in the game Kindergarten. This project will take a while so make sure you're committed for at least a year before you audition. We may also do other side videos like comic dubs and in character Cards Against Humanity games. Videos will take awhile to put together considering how long each run is. 

The way the choose your own adventure portion will work is there will be links in descriptions and annotations whenever there's an action or a choice in dialogue that could go several ways. For example; you enter the cafeteria doing Nugget's run. You could go talk to Lily and get the donut to bribe the teacher later, you could go talk to Nugget straight away, or you could completely ignore the route and decide to go get a Monstermon card from the Lunch Lady by "eating" three servings of slop. This way it gives the feel of playing the game for someone that can't get it for whatever reason. Of course there's kinks in this idea that we will have to work out but we will get there when it comes to that.
Also, two notes about casting. 
1) I will be casting understudies in case someone has to drop out (I will pm you if you are cast as the understudy).
2) I will be playing Nugget only because I want to play that part of the character with my headcanon voice, thus I'm letting you all choose your headcanon voices for the characters and won't judge whether I "like" the voice or not but whether it fits with the character. And if you're playing a kid, try to make the voices believable kid voices, so not like a seductive temptress or deep gravely man voice. Understudies may be a bit tricky if someone drops out after their voice has already been in a video or two, so we will also cross that bridge when we get there.
Good luck everyone, I can't wait to hear your auditions!

About the Creator: HaidenG

Transgender teen male actor/artist located in the Bay Area. 

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold