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    About Let's Cover EVERY Steven Universe song! (Check updates)



    Hey all! I'm a big fan of Steven Universe and for a while I've wanted to do a cover of EVERY song in the show! (And maybe a couple of fan songs) This will be a non-profit project and will be uploaded to my YouTube channel, which I will likely use for covers of different songs from different shows for different projects! (After this one is complete, of course!)

    Wait! That's not all I have to say!!! As you're scrolling, you'll see that Pearl and Connie (and Stevonnie) have been cast to off-site actors. Well, I'll be playing Pearl and Connie has been cast to someone actually not on CCC. (They're also playing Peridot.) But do feel free to audition for either of them as you might secretly be a Pearl or Connie/Stevonnie impersonator.

    - A general love of Steven Universe
    - A good microphone (excluding for your audition)
    - A Discord account
    - Time.

    Just a head's up; I have been a part of projects that got cancelled because everyone kept making excuses as to why they weren't working, and eventually the creators got bored as nothing was getting done, and they cancelled the entire thing. If you are someone who may procrastinate during the project, that's cool, 'tis human nature. But if you're that same someone, but you also constantly make excuses as to why you aren't working, you might get excluded from the project. If it will be possible, I'd like to have at least one cover done every two weeks. (After we get all cast members of course.) If this is a deadline you don't think you'll be able to meet, this project is definitely not for you.

    Obviously, we won't be covering small songs like "Hey Mr. Postman" or the Lil' Butler Intro, but we may do that as a bonus after the project is complete. (As long as everyone else is fine with that!) I'd also love to do comic dubs too. The song I want to cover the most is either "Strong in the Real Way" or the Big Donut training tape song.

    Every song can be found right here (not raw audio, and no "What's The Use of Feeling Blue"):

    Well... That's pretty much everything. Good luck! Feel free to audition for as many roles as you'd like. Please try to sound like the character you're auditioning for... At least a little. :/

    Sending me a private message will NOT increase your chances of getting cast. I probably won't even listen to your audition. However, if you want to PM me because you want to post an audition to me elsewhere, that's completely fine.

    I'm looking for someone in the PST timezone to keep track of who joins, what's said, etc in the server when I'm asleep. (I'm GMT) You can audition and also be mod, but if you'd just like to be mod either comment or send me a PM.

    I will ignore every audition that ignores the description and updates.

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold