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Haley Hendrix's Previously Completed Works

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    About Legends Of Elefteria

    An socially awkward student named, Northela Bourne and her wayward best friend, Jackalyn Everhart are transported to a new dimension after a crazy storm that sent them tumbling. Waking up in a world different from theirs, they find themselves intruding in on an ongoing war between two magical kingdoms. The kingdom of Elefteria, and the kingdom of Ordalo. When Northela makes contact with a dormant weapon that soon slates her as the Moon Princess of Elefteria, she and her friends find themselves going on an adventure to not only save her supposed kingdom, but to save her true dimension as well.

    Hello everyone! Firstly, I'd like to thank-you for taking an interest in my animation project! Legends of Elefteria was originally a story book idea that never made it, but I'm hoping it'll make it as a show formation! I'd like to make a few things clear for everyone so I don't leave anyone confused. This project is non-profit at this time, so there is no possible way I can pay you for your work and time. What I can do as a form of payment, however, is give an honest recommendation on your CCC page with an honest review. However, if this project turns out well enough, and more people take an interest through different platforms of media, a real form of payment may come to you in the future, but I cannot say that for certain, my hope is that we can one day end up starting a Kickstarter so that I may pay you in the future. 

    After learning this, and if you truly are still interested in auditioning for a role in the project, I thank you. This animated show will be released through YouTube for it's widespread numbers of viewers, and over time I will also be making a Discord server to see how that goes.

    VOICE ACTORS: If you are to be auditioning for a VA role I ask that you have a few simple things, if not too much to ask.
    - Please have a nice and clear microphone quality. Please try to minimize the background noise and echo as much as you possible can if possible.
    - When you submit your audition, please name the file with the name of the character you're auditioning for followed by you name. (Example: NorthelaBourne_HaleyHendrix) This will simple make it easier to sort through the auditions received.
    - Please feel free to introduce yourself at the beginning of your audition, though it is not required! Just wanna get to know ya a bit!
    - Please do at least 2 takes of each given line so that we can get a clear representation of the character you're trying to portray.
    - Have fun with your audition. Make it your own, if you feel a line needs a bit of tweaking to make you feel more comfortable, then please do! I'm always open to line interpretation!

    ANIMATORS: If you're going to be auditioning as a role of an animator, I ask that you have a few things, if not too much to ask.
    - Please submit a minimum of 2 short animation clips that you've done, so that we can see what your capability is from a few different perspectives.
    - On the comment section of your audition, please tell me a bit about yourself and about the animation clips you've presented. I'd like to get to know you guys a bit as well as know a bit about the experiences you've had with animation.
    - Have fun! An important rule I'd like everyone to remember!

    ARTISTS: If you're looking to be an artist on this project, I ask that you all have a few things prepared when submitting your auditions!
    - Submit a couple of your works for me to look at please! It can be in your art style, or another, as long as you're comfortable sharing it!
    - Please let me know in the comment section of your audition if you'd prefer to be in a specific artistic group. (Example: Character Sheet, Background)

    SOUND DESIGNERS/MUSIC: If you're looking to be a part of the sound and music team, I ask that you please have a few things!
    - Please submit a couple works you've done in the past or present. This will simply show me what you're capable of creating whether it be music for the show, or sound effects you hear when the characters are moving! Whatever you comfortable with sharing is fine!
    - In the comment section of your audition, please tell me a bit about yourself and your experience in the sound/music field!
    - Let me know what you'd feel most comfortable doing. (Example: Music making for the show, Sound effects that are heard during the show)
    - Also, please let me know if your capable of mixing an audio file in with an animation

    STORYBOARD: If you're interested in being the storyboard artist, I ask that you have a few things prepared when submitting your audition.
    - Please submit a few pieces of your works, so that we can get a feel of what you're capable of!
    - And in the comment section of your audition, please tell me a bit about yourself and your experience in the Storyboard field!

    We are currently only looking for the Voice Actors that will be seen/heard in the trailer. More characters will be added once we being producing the first episode, but we don't want to rush things and place every created character in all at once and leave the people auditioning hangin. So always be sure to check back to the casting page for there may end up being more characters we need. That or we'll notify you through an update message.

    Again, thank you to everyone that has take an interest in this passion project of mine, I hope we can all work wonders together!

    About the Creator: Haley_Hendrix

    Hello! My name is Haley Hendrix, I am 19 years old, and I aspire to be an actress! I mostly find comfort in voice acting in video games and animations. I want to grow more in this acting path, and feel CCC is the way to go for me! 

    I became interested in voice acting after watching Hazbin Hotel (I'm an Angel and Alastor fan),  Gravity Falls ( I am a huge Bill Cipher fan) and after playing Detroit Become Human. I've always loved watching cartoons as a kid for it made me smile and laugh, and I want to do the same with everyone else! I hope to voice act for everyone someday through hopefully: Disney, Cartoon Network, Marvel or Rooster teeth (RWBY fans? Anyone lol).

    I hope you all reading this enjoy my work, and I hope to develop in voice acting! Let us work wonders together!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold