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Magic Gamer04's Previously Completed Works

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About Legends // Gacha Club Project // 64k+ Subs

Hi there folks! Before you start auditioning please read. First off this IS NOT MY PROJECT. Please don’t make that mistake. I’m hosting this for my best friend who doesn’t have CastingCallClub; she’s looking for voice actors for her upcoming series.


This is a series based off her most viewed mini movie she wants to redo. Her channel has around 64k+ subs if that’s any value to you. Here’s the link:


I’ll record and send her your auditions so don’t worry she’ll hear all of them and everyone will have a fair chance of being chosen; please don’t be upset if you're not. 


The plot concept basically revolves around six friends working to get an amulet back from the demon king who stole it and take him down.. but... there is a traitor amongst their midst 



-Must have a decent microphone with little background noise

-Must be able to convey emotions

-Must be able to turn lines in on time

If you have any questions feel free to dm me privately on here and I’ll take your questions to Shadow! Good luck! Excited to see who gets in ^^

About the Creator: MagicGamer04

✎↷Hello There I’m Magic!!✎↷

┏━━━━°⌜ 赤い糸 ⌟°━━━━┓


Name: Magic

Age: 16

Gender: Female; She/Her

Voice Ranges: Low-Medium-High; Preferred Range is Medium-High

Accent: North American (Midwestern American)

Vocal Character Age Range; Child-Middle Age Woman

┗━━━━°⌜ 赤い糸 ⌟°━━━━┛


╭───────  ۪۫ ❁ཻུ۪۪⸙͎.` ───────╮

What kind of voice actor am I?: I’m a very passionate and motivated voice actress. I have loved acting since I was a kid, me and my sister used to have these crazy stories we would act out with barbies or it would be me alone and I would voice certain characters. Then around 6th grade I got into actual theater which took sometime to help me find voice acting. But I digress. 

Do you have any other talents?: I’m also a singer but I normally don’t offer that to people unless your a close friend or someone who really needs my singing voice. It takes me a while to learn songs and then mix my singing with said song.

Previous Experience?: As I stated I was and still am a theater kid; around now it would be 4-5 years I’ve taken part in that. Voice acting wise I have been voice acting for a year. I have mainly taken part in smaller projects however some of my bigger YouTube friends and people I auditioned for here have got me into larger projects.

Equipment You Use?: Please See Equipment

Do you cost anything for your skills?: Please see pricing

I like your skills? How do I contact you?:


Discord: Magic#2538

Instagram; Magic_Gamer04

CCC: Your here silly ^^

╰───────  ۪۫ ❁ཻུ۪۪⸙͎.` ───────╯

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold