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Delilahcraft's Previously Completed Works

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    About legends

    HI,want to be a voice actor,well,you can now with this roleplay.A girl named Delilah stumbel into a village while runing from this roleplay there will be lots of mysters and lots danger.Here is a bit of the script to get an idea of what it is.   

    (Delilah is walking in the woods) --I'm Delilah by the way-- 

    Delilah:This big...but i have to keep running from-a village?   

    (Walks to village)  

    Delilah:This should be a nice place to stay for a while   

    (looks around and see’s a person)  

    Delilah:hi,um,do you know where there is a place i could stay?  

    Dawn:well,i actually own the village.I’m Dawn.  

    Delilah:i’m Delilah  

    Dawn:follow me and i can show you a place you can stay.   


    (walk away)            

    Scene 2  

    (walk’s in)    

    Dawn:So,where are you from?    

    Delilah:i'd rather not talk about it.

    (jessica comes in)  


    (Jessica looks at Delilah)  

    Jessica:Oh,sorry,it’s just…….It’s here..  

    Dawn:You mean..  


    Dawn:(looks at Delilah)Sorry i have to go,um,see you later.     

    (Dawn and Jessica Run out)    

    Scene 2

    Dawn:hey bryan,what is it?   

    (Bryan hands a note to dawn)   

    Dawn:thanks,you can go now.   

    (Bryan leaves)  

    Dawn:such a great gaurd.  

    (dawn reads the note)   

    Jessica:What does it say?   

    Dawn:Firesky was attacked…    

    Jessica:That’s not far from here.  

    Dawn:luckily,it’s not close enough,so we have some time.


    (someone bumps into dawn)  



    (Dawn mumbles something)  

    Jessica:Dawn,what about the people at Firesky?Are they alive?   

    Dawn:Well,it says that 2 people are dead and a missing guard.he asked if his people can stay here while they rebuild their village.Jessica?  


    Dawn:show Delilah around while i write a letter confirming they can stay here.  


    (jessica walks away)

    Scene 3  

    Jessica:Sorry about that,i’m Jessica.  

    Delilah:um,hi,i’m Delilah.  

    Jessica:Dawn asked me to show you around.Firesky was attacked and she has to write something.anyways,follow me.  


    (both walk out)  

    (camera goes to first person)  

    Jessica:this is the library  

    Delilah:Wow it’s huge!

    Jessica:Yup,so many good books,there is one for villages for and near here.There’s 3 on Firesky because it's one of the oldest village in the area.     

    Delilah:Ya..i-i know…  

    Jessica:What would you like to see next?   

    Delilah:..I’ll look around myself if that’s ok.   

    Jessica:Ok,let me know if you need anything(walks behind jessica and turns right and walk away)

    Delilah sighs       

    Delilah:i should have stayed but...what he said...what i have…    

    Delilah walks out and camera goes out of first person,??? Is standing behind a building.    

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold