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About Legacy (Sims Machinima Mini-Series)

What is Legacy?

It all started in 2010, it was summer vacation.  Throughout my freetime I play The Sims 2 on my laptop, creating my own families and watch them live their virtual lives.  However on Youtube I discover people make their own movies with just this plain life simulation video game, movies and series such as Venin Abyss and many others.  Being the creative person that I am I decided to create my own sims series, entitled "The Sims".  The series was honestly a "what if" scenerio regarding characters from the Pleasantview neighborhood from the game and characters of my own creation, think of it as an alternate universe of what Maxis already created.  Then 2 years later I released a sequel series, "The Sims Conspiracy", building off of what was established in my first series.  Around that same year, I created a spin-off series, "No Way Out", a suspense/thriller about a group of people fighting to survive in an abandoned building.  Yet I came up with an idea, a conclusion to the story that began with "The Sims".  Thus...Legacy was born.  This series has been in development for 3 years.  During these 3 years I've been coming up with new ideas, new ideas that can expand this series on a grand scale.  These ideas step farther away from the Maxis based plot line I started in 2010 and stepped foward into my own original fictional universe.


It is the year 2023, one year after the events of The Sims Conspiracy.  Jack Smith, Ian Chapman, Liz Wright, and Martin Johnson are living off the grid, away from society after being branded fugitives.  Jack, a super-powered individual, is learning how to control his powers from his mentor Ian.  However evil is lurking in the shadows as Jack's former childhood friend Jericho Young is planning an attack on Earth itself along side business man Marcus Van Damme and the seductive Bella Goth.  The attack eventually happens and Earth is shattered, with many governments world wide joining Jericho's regime, giving Jericho absolute global power.  With the world now under Jericho's control, Jack must face his destiny to save everyone he loves and to save the world.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold