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    About Death Note K

    This is like my other project, and there will be a series of projects like this. There will also be more roles added as time goes on.

    Basically, this is my sequel to the Death Note anime. There are some OCs and some canons, and I have done my best to stick to the original concept of Death Note (making sure no "new rules" are added to the notebook and such), but I will also be bringing in concepts which were scrapped (such as the Death Eraser which was used in the pilot manga). 

    The story has more action scenes compared to the original Death Note. The main character (Kage Hikari) has a scythe after the time-skip (which is yet to happen), but it is mechanical and can fold up. This seems to be a little weird since Death Note isn't a sci-fi futuristic anime, but there are many unbelievable things in Death Note so the scythe is relatively harmless. 

    In the story, a girl named Kage Hikari finds the notebook a year after the events in the final episode of the anime. Light had deliberately thrown it at her to see what someone like her (a borderline-psychotic bullying victim) would do with it.

    Where did Light come from? Since one rule in the Death Note states that a user can recognize the voice and image of the original owner, and a consequence of using the Death Note forbids the user from entering heaven or hell, I thought that it would make sense if Light resided within the Death Note and appeared as an entity in the body of his 17-year-old self (the age when he first found the Death Note). He would be the "original owner" who only Kage can see and hear, and until Kage dies he cannot move on (though he isn't sure what "moving on" would be in his case).

    So that's the overall summary so far, but a lot more happens in the story. It won't be just some teenager writing in a notebook and getting in trouble with the police; there will be a lot of things happening. Fight scenes, plot twists, betrayals... it will have a lot more action.

    -Name pronunciations-

    Kage - Kay-j (just like the word "cage")

    Hikari: Hee-ka-ree

    Yoru - Yaw-roo

    Hana - Han-ah (just like the name "Hannah")

    Mutato - Muh-tah-tow

    Rika - Ree-ka

    Lawliet - Law-lee-at (nobody really knows, but this is how I think it should sound)

    Martelli - Mar-tell-ee

    Lamia - La-mee-ah

    Tonbo - Ton-bow

    Bidet - Bee-day

    Saya - Sigh-yah

    Akacho - Ah-kah-chow

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold